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Re: [Xen-API] moving from Xenserver to XCP, possible?

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  • From: David Bomba <turbo124@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 15 Mar 2013 08:47:48 +1100
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Just though I would update the list in case anyone else has this problem.

We carefully scanned the templates we create in XenServer, comparing them to those that are created by default in XCP.

It appears that in XenServer we didn't set any platform flags. After copying over the platform flags from XCP templates into XS templates these VMs started correctly.

I'm not sure of the exact reason why these specific flags are required by XCP 1.6 and not XS 6.1.

On 9 March 2013 08:32, David Bomba <turbo124@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I haven't removed Xentools, but I have had success bringing these VMs up if I create a new Template for them, and hook up the VHDs. 

I think there may be something inside the template causing the issue.. We have several hundred production VMs we would like to bring across, so we'd prefer a solution with less friction than this.


On 9 March 2013 03:08, Brian Menges <bmenges@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Have you tried removing xen tools first then migrating them? Just a thought. I’ve always gone up versions.. like from XS5.6sp2 -> XCP1.6


- Brian Menges

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Subject: [Xen-API] moving from Xenserver to XCP, possible?


Hi all,


We are attempting to move from Xensever 6.1 to XCP 1.6,


We are able to attach SR's fine, and also run up Windows VMs fine.


However Linux VMs refuse to boot, instead moving into paused state and returning the following error.


message: xenopsd internal error: Xsraw.Invalid_path("/local/domain/2/platform/")


Is it possible to rectify this and run Xenserver Linux VMs on XCP?


Apologies if this is the wrong section to post in, but I assme Xen-API would be the closest list for this type of error.


Many thanks


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