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Re: [Xen-API] [XCP] CPU Masking AMD Opteron

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> I would like to purchase some new servers and hopefully join them to the
> same pool.
> Perhaps not at first, but eventually after I've tested upgrading to XCP 1.6
> that is.
> My problem is the 4122 Opteron is not available (I can only get 4133, 4180
> and 4200 series and up it would seem). Am I likely going to be able to mask
> the newer cpu to make it work in my pool with the 4122s?

Most likely, the new CPU types have either the same features, or some more. In 
this case, you should be able to mask any new features and add the new hosts to 
your pool (if you use XenCenter, I believe it will offer to do this 
automatically). In case your current CPUs have features that the new ones don't 
have and vice versa, you should mask all CPUs down to the common feature vector 
(logical AND of the feature vectors).

> What does 'maskable: full' mean? Is there a certain feature to look for on
> cpu that makes it 'maskable?'

When "maskable" is "full", this means that all of the feature bits in 
"features" can be masked. This is the case for all AMD Opteron CPUs since a few 


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