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Re: [Xen-API] XCP 1.1 and Intel i350 Gigabit

Hi Agi,

Thanks for reply... I will read it first.
Do you mean p2v drivers is in xs-tools.iso?
fyi, all of my W2K3 VMs use 2-4 VCPUs.

Yes that's it, you should re-install the pv driver with a recent enough build of xs-tools.iso.

I have a dozen win2k3 running fine on XCP 1.6, so "it should work"(tm) for you too! In the citrix thread I sent you, you can find the exact build that address this issue.

The recompilation of a driver is not very hard either once you got used to it, but it would be a pity not to get on with XCP1.6, the Citrix team did a tremendous work on this release.



On 18/03/2013 5:04 PM, Denis Cardon wrote:
Hi Agi,

> I have a new server with onboard Intel i350 Gigabit Ethernet, but XCP
1.1 did not detect that card. Previously I install XCP 1.6 on it, but my
VM (Windows) always hang randomly and hard to reboot/shutdown via
XenCenter, so I want to use XCP 1.1 to that server. How to compile
igb-4.1.2.tar.gz source code for XCP 1.1?

I had a issue recently with a win2k WM crashing after upgrade to
XCP1.6. There has been an issue with win2k win2k3 vms that is
explained in the post below (long post).


Summary :
* For win2k3 and above vms, upgrade p2v drivers.
* For win2k vms, short workaround is to have only one vcpus in the VM.
(indeed, the new driver does not want to install on win2k per
citrix/windows EOL policy). If you definitly need more than one vcpus
in your win2k vm, you'll have to tweak a little more I guess.

If you still want to recompile, you have to install kernel headers
from source iso, enable centos repo, install build tools and compile
your driver. But I'd recommend to give one more try to XCP 1.6.



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