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Re: [Xen-API] Failed to process plugin: xcp-rrdd-xenpm -XCP 1.6

On 20/03/13 12:55, Jonathan Davies wrote:

It looks like you're using the Performance Monitoring Supplemental Pack.

"Failed to process plugin: xcp-rrdd-xenpm" looks like a known issue.
(The problem is that xcp-rrdd doesn't cope with metrics payloads greater
than 16KiB.)

This will not affect operation at all -- it merely means that you won't
see any metrics about the time your server's CPUs spend in C- and P-states.

If my guess about the cause of the issue is correct, and you are feeling
brave, you could attempt to fix this by applying a XenServer hotfix
(XS61E017, available from http://support.citrix.com/article/CTX137168)
to your XCP host. But I don't know the details on how to do this -- I'm
sure someone else on this list could help you if you want to try this.

To unpack a XenServer hotfix, run the command:

gpg --homedir /opt/xensource/gpg/ --no-default-keyring --keyring /opt/xensource/gpg/pubring.gpg --output hotfix.unsigned --decrypt <XSUPDATE.the_filename>

This will give you the file 'hotfix.unsigned'. You can then do 'sh hotfix.unsigned unpack' which will give you a tmp directory with the unpacked rpms. You can then install the rpms.

And I'm sorry that this process isn't seamless on XCP like it is on XenServer.


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