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[Xen-API] lacp network bonding not using all NICs

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  • From: Carlos Reategui <creategui@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 27 Mar 2013 19:11:02 -0700
  • Delivery-date: Thu, 28 Mar 2013 02:11:19 +0000
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So I have installed XCP 1.6 and am having trouble getting bonding to perform.  This bond is for my NFS shared SR.  Previously with Ubuntu + xcp I was able to get it to work well but I did that at the Linux level and pif-forgot the NICs.  I tried doing the same with XCP 1.6 but I kept getting an error trying to load the bonding kernel module so I pif-introduce the NICs back and set up the bond using xe instead.

I created my bond with the following:
ETH1=`xe pif-list device=eth0 --minimal`
ETH2=`xe pif-list device=eth1 --minimal`
NETID=`xe network-create name-label=bond1`
xe bond-create network-uuid=$NETID pif-uuids=$ETH1,$ETH2
BONDID=`xe pif-list device=bond1 --minimal`

xe pif-reconfigure-ip uuid=$BONDID mode=static IP= netmask= 
xe pif-param-set uuid=$BONDID other-config:bond-mode=lacp other-config:bond-hashing-algorithm=tcpudp_ports
xe pif-plug uuid=$BONDID
xe pif-reconfigure-ip uuid=$ETH1 mode=none
xe pif-reconfigure-ip uuid=$ETH2 mode=none

I do not see /proc/net/bonding so looks like it is ovs that manages this.

According to ovs:
# ovs-appctl bond/show bond1
bond_mode: balance-tcp
bond-hash-algorithm: balance-tcp
bond-hash-basis: 0
updelay: 31000 ms
downdelay: 200 ms
next rebalance: 709579 ms
lacp_negotiated: true

slave eth1: enabled
        active slave
        may_enable: true
        hash 0: 0 kB load
        hash 81: 1382 kB load
        hash 85: 2419 kB load
        hash 157: 0 kB load
        hash 189: 2378 kB load
        hash 253: 0 kB load

slave eth0: enabled
        may_enable: true
        hash 89: 0 kB load
        hash 222: 4069129 kB load

So as you can see all my traffic is going out a single NIC.  Is there a different bond-hash-algorithm I should use?

Is it possible to enable the kernel bonding module?  This is what I get:
# modprobe bonding
FATAL: Error inserting bonding (/lib/modules/ Unknown symbol in module, or unknown parameter (see dmesg)
# dmesg | grep bond
[ 4297.921408] bonding: Unknown symbol br_send_gratuitous_switch_learning_packet

I am using a dell 5524 switch that is only used for NFS and not attached to the rest of my network.  I have setup LACP on it and the NFS server is connected to one of its 10Gbe ports.


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