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Re: [Xen-API] Serial ports on Xen Cloud Platform

Hi Daren,

I've recently been testing XCP with FreeBSD as the guest OS's running
the XENHVM kernel.  So far I've not had any problems with anything I've
tried to do on them.

One of our systems we were hoping to transfer to a DomU runs Hylafax
with an old fashioned SupraExpress modem attached to the serial port.
The BSD guest shows the device node it would normally attach to, but I
get no response from it when running the Hylafax command to add a modem.

I was wondering if serial ports were actually supported on guests, and
what is needed to get them running?

another way to achieve the goal is to use serial over IP adapters. I have setup a few moxa (http://www.moxa.com/product/NPort_5100A.htm) to access good old pots modem from virtual machines. They are not used for fax but for point to point communication over telephone lines, and they have been working fine for two years.



Thanks and regards

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