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[Xen-API] VM startup/stop produces error in XCP 1.6


Any help on the following issue is appreciated.

I am using IBM server with 3 VMs  in XCP 1.6 and use XenCenter front end.

When a VMs are shutdown the following error is obtained.

 srv xapi: [error|srv.xx|4503|Async.VM.start R:9066070f8077|sql] Duplicate key in set or map: table task; field other_config; ref OpaqueRef:9066070f-8077-1b1c-ace7-4ec0856e22d7; key debug_info:cancel_points_seen

During vms shut down, I see the following errors.

Mar 31 08:53:47 srv /opt/xensource/libexec/xenopsd: [error|srv.xx|33091|xenops events D:987946c09ae9|xenops] Failed to read /vm/68e17a20-f731-7ecf-72b9-d86d8622cbec/domains: has this domain already been cleaned up?

I have checked for any pending task using "xe task-list" and unable to find any pending task.

I am able to start and stop VM without any issues, but shows the following error.

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