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[Xen-API] xen xcp setup

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  • Date: Mon, 13 May 2013 11:41:02 +1000
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Hi guys,


Whilst I have been using the XEN hypervisor in our office/dev environments for some time, I am preparing to deploy the latest XCP build for our live/collocation installation.


To date I haven’t used any virtualisation at all in our live environment as I didn’t see the purpose of it bar running a few service/edge systems such as domain controllers etc. Our setup is relatively straightforward with a three tier model:


·         Presentation tier (web servers, smtp, etc.)

·         Logic tier (business and operational servers)

·         Data tier (database and storage)


I am going to leave the Data tier non virtualised and virtualise the logic and presentation tier. To date I have been able to simply add physical servers to either tier to increase CPU/processing capacity or additional redundancy. With consolidation of much more powerful hardware I should be able to reduce the amount of physical hardware needed whilst increasing throughput and reducing dead or idle CPU time.


So the example scenario is:


·         Both the Presentation and Logic tiers have 6 physical servers each (12 total) in a load balanced (shared nothing) arrangement. These will be replaced with 3-4 physical servers running at least two VM’s on each.

·         How do you set up the XEN XCP platform/environment for dynamic workload structures?

·         If spikes come through via the presentation tier how do you prioritise CPU/bandwidth to these servers/VM’s?

·         Likewise if the presentation tier is acquiescent then how do you control it such that if the logic tier gets busy it can consume idle CPU/bandwidth?


I have tried to find some relevant documentation or examples relating to this type of setup but haven’t had much luck. If someone could either help me out directly or point me in the right direction it would be much appreciated.










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