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Re: [Xen-API] Xen-api/Debian 7 - conversion and xs-tools

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While my point of view is still an opinion nonetheless, what Steven states is 
partially accurate. XAPI was written on and for Redhat family systems, but has 
been supported for quite some time under Debian family systems as well, much 
longer than just Wheezy's release.

Project Kronos was the early phases of what is now XAPI under Wheezy. XAPI was 
ported to Wheezy, to my recollection, more than a year ago and has quite the 
community surrounding it. This stems from Redhat family of systems abandoning 
XEN in favor of KVM. I believe this started around the time of XCP 1.0, and was 
being investigated by even myself and a significant community during XCP 0.5 

XAPI and the XCP toolstack has been thoroughly tested on Debian and thus has 
been committed to Wheezy during release (if it wasn't thoroughly tested, it 
wouldn't have made release).

Where the community issues come into play is that the documentation is somewhat 
sparse and conflicting due to lots of development. Add in the fact that now XEN 
has been moved under the Linux Foundation, documentation is again under fire 
and in a state of flux. The XEN team has lots of administrative things to 
achieve while at the same time trying to take care of the community and the 
project's health. The DEB packages for some of the XAPI projects could probably 
use some further development in terms of postinst.sh and preinst.sh scripting 
perhaps... but that's development over time.

Regarding conversion tools, Citrix has a XEN convert application which applies 
to windows hosts. As others have stated, most modern Linux distributions 
support full filesystem copies and the kernel itself will detect XEN and 
operate normally. Linux P2V is also another option (which automates a lot of 
this). There is no 'input -> output XVA' tool to make it 'easy-in, easy-out' 
but with a little time and research you'll manage.

Brian S. Menges
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How can you say it's far more tested when xen-api is WRITTEN on a RHEL based 
system? That and Debian 7 just released not to long ago, so you're probably in 
the single digits when it comes to user support.

To recap. XAPI is most definitely NOT tested thoroughly on Debian 7. Until it 
is, you WILL find community support difficult. You SHOULD change your OS in 
order to better be able to support your production systems.

This isn't a match between your opinion of RHEL v Debian. These are facts.

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On May 17, 2013, at 4:02 AM, Paul Pridt <p.pridt@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> -> Why Debian 7 and not CentOS?
> -> Debian 7 is fairly untested.
> I have some 50 servers at my customers, most of them Ubuntu or Debian. Only 
> those running Citrix Xenservers regularly cause numerous problems especially 
> with newer hardware. They have to be rebooted at least once a week. I suspect 
> these problems are related to CentOS5 and the Citrix xcp toolstack. I have to 
> find an alternative.
> My personal experience (more than 10 years with Linux) is that Debian is far 
> more tested than any other operating system ...
> Paul
> Am 16.05.2013 22:56, schrieb Steven Crothers:
>> Why Debian 7 and not CentOS?
>> Debian 7 is fairly untested.
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>> On May 16, 2013, at 8:02 AM, Paul Pridt<p.pridt@xxxxxxxxx>  wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> I am trying to implement xcp-xapi on Debian 7.
>>> Linux vms run perfectly. With Windows, however, I have numerious problems:
>>> - no console-communication in Xencenter or OpenXenManager (no input 
>>> accepted) after basic installation of Windows
>>> - vms with xs-tools installed abend immediately (all versions tried: 5.9.0, 
>>> 6.0, 6.1, exported from citrix xenserver)
>>> I did not find any documentation on how to do p2v coversion.
>>> Thank you for any help
>>> Paul
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