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Re: [Xen-API] Porting xen-api package on Xen ARM.

> The best way to start this is by forking xen-api and its dependent libraries 
> and just making the changes required for ARM support directly.
Yes, I think so too.

> When that all works, you can diff vs the x86 XAPI tree and merge in 
> appropriate autoconf/cpp defines.  But it's easier to do all that after you 
> get something working end-to-end on your target platform in the first place.
> OCaml has very good ARM support already for v7/v8, so the bulk of the work is 
> probably in the C bindings.
That's sounds great. Actually, I have tried to building xen-api and
related APIs via OPAM on the ARM Platform.
It have been build almost successfully.

However, somewhat there is x86 dependent code, i cannot build it recently.
In case of ocam-xen-lowlevel-libs, there is x86 dependent code which
refers libxc from Xen tools.
When I tried to xen-api, it gave errors because there are no function
definition that is only be built for x86.
I am wonder whether this case  should be work on Xen source or not.

I want know there is anybody who is interested in porting xen-api for ARM.

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