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[Xen-API] shutdown & running domain

Good day.

Found 1st strangeness on XCP 1.6:

One of the client's machine running some custom kernel (3.9) in PV mode.

Suddenly our monitoring reports it see domain in running and shutdown state (---sr--- in xl list). That domain was completely unmanageable and I was forced to evacuate host and reboot it.

Some questions:
1) What exactly is 'shutdown' state for domain? Is this just a flag for xen or it means something more (like 'no more CPU time'?). I know that shutdown is yielded by domain itself, but there is xc.domain_shutdown() operation which do same thing with domain without domain concern. How it works?

Is this possible to have running and shutdowned domain at same time? How xapi should reacts on that?


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