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[Xen-API] Console Login Bug?

Hey all,

I'm running a handful of resource pools running XCP 1.6 61809c. The
XenCenter version is 6.0 50489.

Beginning last night, a strange problem has spread across all of our
Linux VMs. Any Linux VM with an @ symbol in the password appears to be
triggering a bug in the XenCenter console.

Example: I login to a Linux VM over console and it works fine. I exit.
I try to login again. All further attempts fail. And now I find that
any attempt to console to any VM on any resource pool where I have to
type the @ results in complete failure. This includes VMs that I could
login to just moments ago.

So what's going on? You can see it when you try to type the password
as the username. Upon sending the @ symbol (either thru the keystroke
or pasting the text), all text prior to the @ symbol is erased.

SSH still works and the VMs individually appear to be okay. KVM to
real Linux servers doesn't experience this issue either. If you're
already logged into the VM in the Xen console, then you can type @ all
you want. This issue is not happening on Windows VMs as far as I can

It is happening on multiple computers to all of our staff. The issue
began last night.

Does anybody have some insight to this issue? Thanks.


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