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Re: [Xen-API] Announcement: Github xen-org being renamed to xapi-project at 3pm on 20 June

On 14/06/13 16:14, Mike McClurg wrote:
Hi xen-api list,

I just wanted to let everyone know that, as part of the creation of the
Linux Foundation Xen Project, and the Xapi Project subproject, we're
going to be renaming our Github organisation from xen-org to
xapi-project. We will make the change next week at 3pm on Thursday, 20

Just a reminder that this is happening in about 2 hours!


Once we make this change, it is HIGHLY recommended that you change all
of your remote URLs to use the new address. Github will set up redirects
for both the xen-org website and the git remote URLs, so if you forget
to do this then nothing will break. I can't guarantee how long these
redirects will work, though, so please change soon after we make the

Also, don't forget that some of the scripts you've written might point
to github URLs, and that you should change those as well. Please let me
know if you think this will cause any difficulties for you. The new URL
for the Xapi Project repositories on Github will be:

https://github.com/xapi-project/<your repo name>


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