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Re: [Xen-API] xcp-xapi on debian 7

Additionnaly I saw that there is a preconfigured SR for the tools iso but I get no clue to which folder on the system it belongs to... Is it used ?

root@xen:/# xe sr-param-list uuid=2fe4edae-be63-0671-0d46-7893858562bc
uuid ( RO)                    : 2fe4edae-be63-0671-0d46-7893858562bc
              name-label ( RW): XenServer Tools
        name-description ( RW): XenServer Tools ISOs
                    host ( RO): xen-blade08
allowed-operations (SRO): forget; plug; destroy; scan; VDI.clone; unplug
      current-operations (SRO):
                    VDIs (SRO):
                    PBDs (SRO): 6aac192d-2c36-b9fe-9405-1668bdf4b37d
      virtual-allocation ( RO): 0
    physical-utilisation ( RO): -1
           physical-size ( RO): -1
                    type ( RO): iso
            content-type ( RO): iso
                  shared ( RW): true
           introduced-by ( RO): <not in database>
other-config (MRW): xensource_internal: true; xenserver_tools_sr: true; i18n-key: xenserver-tools; i18n-original-value-name_label: XenServer Tools; i18n-original-value-name_description: XenServer Tools ISOs
               sm-config (MRO):
                   blobs ( RO):
     local-cache-enabled ( RO): false
                    tags (SRW):

On 22.06.2013 08:50, Sébastien RICCIO wrote:

Sorry if the question has already been asked but I couldn't found a real answer to this:

I'm currently trying xcp-xapi on a debian 7 machine and wonder where I can find the xentools to be installed in the guests VMs (linux and windows).

Another question is what is the current xapi version in the debian packages ? Is it like XCP 1.6 ? Does it supports share-nothing live migrations (migrations from local storage to local storage ?)

Thanks for your help.


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