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[Xen-API] Private network and gre tunnel problem


I have XCP pool with 2 hosts, 2 public IPs using openvswitch back-end.
VMs are connected to private network using ovs bridge (xapi0) and I want
to connect them with gre. However, I cannot start any vm on second XCP
because of error:
> You attempted to run a VM on a host which doesn't have a PIF on a Network 
> needed by the VM. The VM has at least one VIF attached to the Network.

Network params:
> uuid ( RO)                    : 1fff1405-cb84-4db3-4d0e-e5c4cde6e21b
>               name-label ( RW): Internal shared
>         name-description ( RW): 
>                VIF-uuids (SRO): ..many..
>                PIF-uuids (SRO): 
>                      MTU ( RW): 1500
>                   bridge ( RO): xapi0
>             other-config (MRW): automatic: true
>                    blobs ( RO): 
>                     tags (SRW): 
>     default-locking-mode ( RW): unlocked

xapi0 on first XCP gets created after first VM starts. I tried to create
it on second server using ovs-vsctl, set up gre tunnel (which works) and
then start a vm, but with no luck, xapi probably looks into some kind of
database, but I don't know, why is it's content different on those 2

Do you know about any possibility do debug this behaviour?

Jan Škoda

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