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Re: [Xen-API] [Proposal for input] Disentangling XAPI, XAPI packages and XCP on wiki.xenproject.org

Does anybody care? I am not going to put effort into anything people don't care enough about to respond

On 21/06/2013 13:02, Lars Kurth wrote:
Hi all,

I have been thinking about how we can disentangle XAPI (XAPI project/team) and XCP on the wiki, to better reflect the changes that are driven by the efforts of the XAPI project team to disentangle development of XAPI from its packaging (aka XCP-XAPI packages in distros and XCP). For historical reasons (and because I myself got confused by this when I created the categories), we only have ONE category and XAPI, XAPI packages and XCP have often been used interchangeably.

Before this can be done though, we have to agree terminology and category:
1) Category:XCP (and articles specific to XCP only) ... leave as is
1.1) Would only contain overview information related to XCP
1.2) Would only contain articles specific to XCP (e.g. man pages, ...)
1.3) FAQ's, Guides, ... specific to XCP only

2) XAPI should refer to the XAPI project and XAPI as a technology. So I propose to create Category:XAPI ... into this we would move
2.1) XAPI Project Documentation
2.2) XAPI design and architectural documents (of which there are quite a few, they typically start XAP and most are in http://wiki.xen.org/wiki/Category:Design_Document)

*** What I am not clear about is the following ***

2.3) There may be a strong case for a XAPI User category, aka "Category:XAPI Users" alongside a "Category:XAPI Devs" category rather than mixing these up. This only makes sense though, if there is enough commonality for users in how to use XAPI packages and XCP. I think there is a lot, but I am not sure. Of course, we could also include "Category:XAPI Users" into an XCP and XAPI packages category

*** If we did 2.3, I am not sure I can do this all myself ***

3) For XAPI packages on distros. We should have a category for these. Maybe "XAPI Packages" or "XAPI Linux Packages". We could tie it to the names of the packages, but I think a more generic approach may scale better in the long run.


All these categories should point to each other (i.e. have a good top-level index included into all that is included on each category page, ...).

We actually do not seem to have an awful lot of articles (just over 100): seehttp://wiki.xen.org/wiki?title=Special:Search&ns0=1&ns4=1&ns12=1&ns14=1&redirs=0&search=XCP&limit=500&offset=0 and apart from the portals, most of these should not be too hard to fix. I am willing to spend most of Monday (docs day) doing this as well as fixing links from xenproject.org to the wiki in line with what I do.


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