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Re: [Xen-API] Announcing new version of "XCP"

Hi Mike,

This is great news.  Thanks so much!

I do have a question.  You wrote:

> We are fixing the components that make up XenServer so that they are
> buildable and installable on third-party Linux distros. We started this
> effort with project Kronos, and we're picking it up again in response to
> CentOS's Xen initiative. We're committing to becoming a proper upstream
> software producer from which other Linux distros can package our software.

From the above, it would seem that CentOS will, understandably, be
among the first Linux distros on which the updated XAPI will be
installable.  But I wonder, are there plans to make the updated XAPI
installable on Debian/Ubuntu in the near future?  That is, is project
Kronos still alive?

Thanks much for any information that you can provide.


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