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[Xen-API] Problem with unplug vbd from control domain host

  • To: <xen-api@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • From: Piotr Teodorowski <piotr.teodorowski@xxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 27 Jun 2013 09:27:45 +0200
  • Delivery-date: Thu, 27 Jun 2013 07:28:09 +0000
  • List-id: User and development list for XCP and XAPI <xen-api.lists.xen.org>


We use XCP 1.6.10-61809c (few servers in the pool) and we have problem with  
VDI that is attached to VM and Control domain host (we don't know why it is 
attached to Control domain host, we didn't attach it to dom0).

xe vdi-list name-label=esiprap99-root 
uuid ( RO)                : f1e38b17-3a4c-458d-9cef-7cce43d793c3
          name-label ( RW): esiprap99-root
    name-description ( RW): Created by template provisioner
             sr-uuid ( RO): 3c76b475-ecf2-92f9-7450-729d7f99dafb
        virtual-size ( RO): 51539607552
            sharable ( RO): false
           read-only ( RO): false

xe vbd-list vdi-uuid=f1e38b17-3a4c-458d-9cef-7cce43d793c3
uuid ( RO)             : c1caa0f9-e98b-a1f1-36ab-97fdeca69fdf
          vm-uuid ( RO): f217c8cb-6756-0c97-b151-113acc2be7bd
    vm-name-label ( RO): ESIPRAP99
         vdi-uuid ( RO): f1e38b17-3a4c-458d-9cef-7cce43d793c3
            empty ( RO): false
           device ( RO): xvda

uuid ( RO)             : aca48e11-91be-1a0f-feab-4da6a9aa554d
          vm-uuid ( RO): 5a19e11c-a399-4824-8abe-24a2a488c4c1
    vm-name-label ( RO): Control domain on host: evmprap09
         vdi-uuid ( RO): f1e38b17-3a4c-458d-9cef-7cce43d793c3
            empty ( RO): false
           device ( RO): sm/backend/3c76b475-

Problem with unplug:
xe vbd-unplug uuid=aca48e11-91be-1a0f-feab-4da6a9aa554d
The server failed to handle your request, due to an internal error.  The given 
message may give details useful for debugging the problem.
message: Storage_interface.Internal_error("Storage_access.No_VDI")

We need to move that vdi to another sotreage, but any kind of modyfication is 
impossible (resize/delete/move).
There are none of tapdisk processes with open fd for the device 
ecf2-92f9-7450-729d7f99dafb/f1e38b17-3a4c-458d-9cef-7cce43d793c3 on evmprap09.
There is no such device at all. Task list is empty.
The problem is only in the pool, with FC (with multipath) storage. With iscsi 
storage or local storage there are no such problems.
What can we do to resolve this problem?
Any hints to avoid this situation?

Piotr Teodorowski

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