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[Xen-API] pypxeboot (or similar) under XCP 1.6


Is there a reasonable clean way to get a PV domain to boot using existing PXE infrastructure instead of a regular VBD? Would be great to have it working "off the shelf", but if not, after a minimally invasive procedure.

All the reference I have found about the subject suggests using pypxegrub, but only the usage with a regular Xen is described.

"xe vm-param-list" tells me about "PV-bootloader", usually set to "pygrub" on PV guests. Is it a keyword, or the actual name of executable file to run and may be anything within PATH? In that case, maybe I can manually install pypxeboot to my XCP or XenServer host and archive my goal.

Have anybody done that already?
Is there a known cleaner way?

Thank you.

Alexandre Kouznetsov

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