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Re: [Xen-API] GPU passthrough: multiple vGPUs on the same VM

Rob Hoes <Rob.Hoes@xxxxxxxxxx> a écrit :

One slight note is that other-config:pci is a little more low-level than the GPU-specific functions.

Hello guys,

I'm currently testing a nvidia grid K1 that shows 4 pci devices. I'm using Xenserver 6.2 to manage my VMs. If I run the command "xe gpu-group-list" I can see one group of nvidia K1 that contains four PGPU-uuids (that corresponds to the 4 GPUs provided by the K1). If I attach this group to a VM I only see one nvidia device in my VM. So if I understand correctly, with the GPU specific functions you can not bind all GPUs to a VM. I can not split the vGPU in different gpu group right?

So If I want to attach for example two vGPU to a VM and the two others to another one I need to set other-config:pci, right?

Thanks for the clarifications,
Best regards,

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