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Re: [Xen-API] Please help XCP 1.6 with Citrix hotfixes resulted in license problem URGENT

On 23/08/13 08:35, alexander kryuchkov wrote:
Hello gentlemen.

I've got a serious problem. I'm desperate to say more precisely. My
hosts are running XCP 1.6.After upgrade from 1.1 some of my VMs still
running MS Server 2003 started to lock up in the state of so called gray
screen of death. After a bit of googling i discovered that it's a bug
and Citrix released hotfixes against this disease. No hotfixes for XCP
though. So i installed them. Everything went fine until recently, when
everyday my hosts started to send emails stating that license is going
to expire. Here's an example:

Field Value
----- -----
Priority: 10
Class: Host
Object UUID: 40aa0b58-d489-4009-a55a-95c5b151c0ce
Timestamp: 20130821T00:02:02Z
Message UUID: 6e7ede5b-74a0-90e6-3543-3a59763c278f
Pool name: zen
Body: Your license will expire in 10 days

I suppose it's because of an updated xapi from Citrix. My question is -
what can i do with this, because i suppose when the counter reaches zero
my servers could just lock up as with ordinary Xenserver. More precise
question is which are responsible for this kind of checks. Probably it's
possible to take them from Xenserver 6.2 since it's completely free now.
And what's worse, i'm not even in the office to physically reach the
servers, have network access though. Please, i'd appreciate any help.

Can you tell me what RPMs that you installed as part of this hotfix? It seems like v6d from XenServer might have been installed, overwriting the one from XCP. If this is the case, you will need to re-install the original v6d RPM from XCP.

I do recommend upgrading to XenServer 6.2, when you get the chance.


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