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Re: [Xen-API] [Xen-users] XenCenter button shutdown

On Sat, 2013-11-09 at 16:26 +0000, Simon Beaumont wrote:
> This will be the case for HVM guests with no PV drivers.
> Looking at your recent flurry of messages I would suggest you no
> longer copy in xen-api mailing list and just use xen-users since these
> are not development issues.

xen-users@ is also not the correct list to post xapi issues on. In the
absence of a split between xapi-users@ and xapi-dev@ I'm afraid the
xen-api@ is the best which exists and has been the recommended place for
some time.

> Further more I suggest you revise you style of post to this list if
> you wish to garner more support. Try to provide a bit of context
> around what you are struggling with and also explain what you have
> tried or read already to demonstrate some initiative. You will find
> people much more willing to help :)

Yes, I have also pointed this out to Cesar.

Just to be clear: Cesar, unless you change your style of posting you are
going to find that neither list is very helpful. You might find
http://wiki.xen.org/wiki/Asking_Xen_Devel_Questions and
http://wiki.xen.org/wiki/Reporting_Bugs_against_Xen contain useful
general advice on getting the most out of any mailing list.


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