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Re: [Xen-API] vm-shutdown error

Hello you can force shutdown by:

xe vm-shutdown force=true uuid=c19916e8-4b75-d0e8-a75e-c3ba5cd69dc6

But it will not be "regular" shutdown but more likely halt. (I guess)

> Od: "Cesar A." <daemoncesar@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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> Datum: 09.11.2013 16:46
> PÅedmÄt: [Xen-API] vm-shutdown error
>root@srv:/etc/init.d# xe vm-shutdown 
>uuid=c19916e8-4b75-d0e8-a75e-c3ba5cd69dc6You attempted an operation on a VM 
>which requires PV drivers to be installed but the drivers were not 
>detected.vm: c19916e8-4b75-d0e8-a75e-c3ba5cd69dc6 (srv)
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