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Re: [Xen-API] [xs-devel] Question about XenTools in Mass environment

On 07/01/2014 20:27, Rishi wrote:
Hello List,

I have few questions about XenTools

Is it compulsory to update tools of Linux/Windows VMs if the XenServer is upgraded ?

How does one handles mass tools update after the xen upgrade ?
e.g XCP1.1 to XCP1.6 or XCP1.6 to XS6.2 ?

Are the tools interoperable ? Will VMs with tools from XCP1.1 work on XCP1.6 and so on ?

Are there any logs inside VM/Host about tools driver errors to look in case of problems ?


In general, the tools from older versions of XenServer(/XCP) should work with newer versions of XenServer(/XenServer-Core), but you are advised to update.  (We make no explicit guarantee that they will work, but we do do our best not to break things.)

The Linux tools don't really change too much from release to release, but the Windows tools do change quite substantially.

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