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Re: [Xen-API] Xen-Api -Retrieving the Xen master node IP using Xen API

> Hi ,
> I am working on a backup application . Our solution works fine for a single 
> Xen host . But on A Xen Pool Configuration, session() call works only for the 
> master , Is there any call to retrieve the IP of the master when we are 
> working with the slave nodes ,so that a
> redirection can be made to that obtained master IP when slave node is 
> enquired for backup .

> Thank you
> Shafi Mohammed 

Hi Shafi,

If you attempt to make an API call to a slave (even something trivial like 
pool.get_all()), you'll get the HOST_IS_SLAVE exception, along with the 
master's IP address.

Here's the (C#) code XenCenter uses to extract the IP address from the 


Hope this helps,

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