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Re: [Xen-API] Question about XenTools in Mass environment

Hi Rishi,

I have few questions about XenTools

Is it compulsory to update tools of Linux/Windows VMs if the XenServer
is upgraded ?

for linux VM, I never had issue even if pv driver are well out of datedate. However for Windows I had a few win2k3 vm crash after migrating from XCP1.1 to XCP1.6 where the driver was not yet updated (different vms on different xen servers with different applicative workload) . So I'd say it is better to update, even if in most case it is not technically necessary.

How does one handles mass tools update after the xen upgrade ?
e.g XCP1.1 to XCP1.6 or XCP1.6 to XS6.2 ?

it is not yet a big enough PITA for us, so we have not yet automated the process. However we are using a WAPT (http://dev.tranquil.it/index.php/WAPT_-_apt-get_pour_Windows , sorry French only..., disclaimer : I work on that GPL project) for similar windows automation stuff, so we may use it one day for that purpose.

Are the tools interoperable ? Will VMs with tools from XCP1.1 work on
XCP1.6 and so on ?

cf above, mostly working, but beware.

Are there any logs inside VM/Host about tools driver errors to look in
case of problems ?

I don't know about this one, when we had issue with the win2k3 virtual machines, we had BSOD, so not much debug to gather unless you enable serial console I guess.




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