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Re: [Xen-API] Storage Repository FileSR on ZFS won't work - Linux

Hi Dawid,

For what concerns your build I do not know how it maps to storage
manager and blktap versions.
If in /opt/xensource/sm/blktap2.py there is a line like

CONF_KEY_O_DIRECT = "o_direct"

then you can disable o_direct.

About your frustration I can understand but it is a long shot
to say xenserver is in beta stage, given there are many huge
business running on top of it with almost no downtime, reliability
and speed.
Surely it is not bug free and surely it is not able to cope with
any kind of user scenario.
The same, though, is true for kvm and virtualbox (just to name the
ones you named).
Maybe your use case is much closer to virtualbox's.

The ML is here to help, as much as possible.
If not and other tools are more suitable for your needs,
that's fine :)


On 01/06/2015 06:02 PM, Dawid Kowalski wrote:
Thanks Germano,

I'm running latest master branch taken from here:

|git clone git://github.com/xenserver/buildroot.git  

as per:

If you could recommend me any good working branch I might be keen to try it.

btw. slightly off topic...
I've to admit that during last days I've run into so many issues that
almost gave up using Xen. But on the other hand I'm not sure if KVM is
any better.
For contrary, VirtualBox even if is headed towards desktop user, for
couple of VMs as I need at the moment could be a better solution for
me... It's sad to get to such conclusions, but given the time I've spent
troubleshooting and running from issue to issue... It makes me thinking
Xen is more in beta stage than real production one.


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