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[Xen-API] a bit of wiki tidying


Iâve done a little bit of cleaning of the Xapi pages on the Xen project wiki. 

- added links to our architecture documentation[1], XenAPI reference[2] and 
design docs index[3]
- unlinked content which seemed to be a transliteration from code to English of 
a previous (undisclosed) Xapi version â I think for this kind of detail the 
code will always be authoritative, and the out-of-date wiki content is 
- rewritten the page on compiling Xapi (very, very out-of-date) to describe 2 
modern ways it should work
- added a page on Design and Code Review describing the process that has been 
evolving recently
- fiddled with the section headings a bit: weâve now got âDevelopingâ where the 
contents was developer workflow-oriented and âConceptsâ where more abstract 
stuff is described

Thereâs clearly still quite a lot to do.

I think the niche that the wiki occupies is that itâs a good place for how-tos, 
FAQs, tips and tricks, process descriptions etc. I think as we come across 
useful stuff like that we should try to add it to the wiki. I think itâs not a 
good place for stuff thatâs very tied to the code â itâs much better to put 
that in repos directly, IMHO.


[1] http://xapi-project.github.io/getting-started/architecture.html
[2] http://xapi-project.github.io/xen-api/index.html
[3] http://xapi-project.github.io/design-docs/index.html
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