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[Xen-API] [XenServer]:Booting issue Convert the guest os (centos 6.4 64bit ) from ESX to Xenserver


How to reproduce:

1: install centos6.4 64bit os on ESX

2: convert and import the guest os  to the Xenserver

3: boot the guest os on xenserver, can booting successfully.

4: install the pv tools  on the guest 

5: reboot will hang

My debug:
  a: At the step 3,  runú║ xe vm-param-get uuid=****   param-name=platform 
      there is no viridian  flag

  b:  At the step 5,   runú║ xe vm-param-get uuid=****   param-name=platform 
       there have a viridian  flag, and It is true.

so we change the platform:viridian = false,  will fix this issue.

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