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Re: [Xen-API] Got exception INTERNAL_ERROR: [ Scanf.Scan_failure ...

On Wed, 27 Jan 2016 at 02:11, Denis Babineau wrote:
> Hoping someone can at least point me in the right direction; just installed
> SP1 on Xenserver 6.5 and xapi won't start anymore. Getting the following
> error in xensource.log. "xapi -version" reports PRODUCT_VERSION=6.5.0 but
> tags in https://github.com/xapi-project/xen-api are in the v1.9 range? I'm
> a developer so I can read code (if I can find the right branch/tag/repo)
> but I'm not familiar with ML. Hoping to get an understanding of what this
> backtrace is pointing at. Deleting /var/xapi/state.db yields the same error:
> Jan 27 00:10:20 xenserver xapi: [debug|xenserver|0 thread_zero|dbsync
> (update_env) D:0ab204304e00|dbsync] Sync: sync_pci_devices
> Jan 27 00:10:20 xenserver xapi: [debug|xenserver|0 thread_zero|dbsync
> (update_env) D:0ab204304e00|dbsync] Sync: sync_gpus
> Jan 27 00:10:21 xenserver xapi: [debug|xenserver|0 thread_zero|dbsync
> (update_env) D:0ab204304e00|backtrace] Raised at scanf.ml:411.24-40 ->
> pciops.ml:137.14-84 -> pciops.ml:146.17-40 -> threadext.ml:20.20-24 ->
> threadext.ml:20.62-65 -> xapi_pgpu.ml:165.25-60 -> xapi_pgpu.ml:191.21-43
> -> dbsync.ml:62.7-53 -> server_helpers.ml:76.11-23
> Jan 27 00:10:21 xenserver xapi: [debug|xenserver|0 thread_zero|dbsync
> (update_env) D:0ab204304e00|dispatcher] Server_helpers.exec
> exception_handler: Got exception INTERNAL_ERROR: [
> Scanf.Scan_failure("scanf: bad input at char number 6: ``looking for ':',
> found '.'''") ]

Did you modify your Xen cmdline? As of 6.5 Xapi handles hiding PGPUs from Xen
and handles the syntax for you. It could be your boot command line is valid
syntax but different from what Xapi expects. Your stack trace implicates

let is_pci_hidden = Pciops.is_pci_hidden ~__context pci in

It needs to be of the form:


The code for this if you want to check your command line is compatible is in
the Pciops module[2].



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