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Re: [Xen-API] [Votel] Graduation Review: Windows PV Driver

On 04/05/18 15:51, Lars Kurth wrote:
> Hi all,
> A bit more than a week ago, I put out for initial review the proposal for 
> “Graduation Review: Windows PV Driver” at  
> https://xen.markmail.org/thread/vcbvln7aa3ocikx4
> There has not been feedback, except for two recorded votes from the Xen 
> Project Hypervisor Team by Ian Jackson and George Dunlap (both in favour).
> in accordance with https://www.xenproject.org/governance.html, I need the 
> leadership teams of the two mature projects – the Hypervisor and the XAPI 
> project – to vote on this proposal.
> The specific voting rules in this case are outlined in section
> https://www.xenproject.org/governance.html#project-decisions
> People allowed to vote on behalf of the Hypervisor project are:
> Julien Grall, Andy Cooper, George Dunlap, Ian Jackson, Jan Beulich, Konrad R 
> Wilk, Stefano Stabellini, Tim Deegan, Wei Liu
> and Juergen Gross (as Release Manager).
> People allowed to vote on behalf of the XAPI project are:
> Jon Ludlam, Chandrika Srinivasan, David Scott, Euan Harris, Germano Percossi, 
> Siddharth Vinoth Kumar, John Else, Mate Lakat, Konstantina Chremmou, Rob 
> Hoes, Si Beaumont, Thanos Makatos, Thomas Sanders, Vineeth Thampi Raveendran, 
> Zheng Li
> I propose to tally the votes by Friday the 6th of October. You can reply via
> +1: for proposal
> -1: against proposal
> in public or private.
> Votes will be tallied by subproject – aka the Hypervisor and XAPI project by 
> % for the proposal - and then averaged across sub-projects that achieved the 
> quorum. 
> Sub-project needs to achieve the following quorum of votes in favour for the 
> sub-project’s vote to count
> Hypervisor: 4 + votes
> XAPI: 5 + votes
> At least one subproject needs to achieve a quorum. So to pass, we need two 
> more votes from the Hypervisor team.



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