xen-changelog - Mail Index

July 29, 05
11:20 [Xen-changelog] dom_mem_ops address_bitsd fix. Xen patchbot -unstable
10:40 [Xen-changelog] x86_32 build fix. Xen patchbot -unstable
10:37 [Xen-changelog] This patch renames balloon command to "set-mem", so instead of "xm Xen patchbot -unstable
10:37 [Xen-changelog] PDB: process targets Xen patchbot -unstable
10:37 [Xen-changelog] This patch does 2 jobs: Xen patchbot -unstable
10:37 [Xen-changelog] Patch for 64-bit VMX guest destroy Xen patchbot -unstable
10:37 [Xen-changelog] Here is our latest patch to enable the Xen tools to Xen patchbot -unstable
10:36 [Xen-changelog] Attached patch adds a DMA zone to xen, also modifies xen_contig_memory() Xen patchbot -unstable
10:36 [Xen-changelog] This patch updates the CPU field in xm list for multi-vcpu domains. Xen patchbot -unstable
10:36 [Xen-changelog] ... for dom0 if we know we'll need it. This is the xen Xen patchbot -unstable
10:36 [Xen-changelog] ... so it builds again and also add a note to the xen elf header Xen patchbot -unstable
10:36 [Xen-changelog] Really just basic preparation: switch over PAE builds to the new Xen patchbot -unstable
10:36 [Xen-changelog] fix x86_64 domain0 /dev/mem issue Xen patchbot -unstable
10:36 [Xen-changelog] PDB: add some additional files Xen patchbot -unstable
July 28, 05
12:52 [Xen-changelog] merge? Xen patchbot -unstable
12:52 [Xen-changelog] Don't unbind port when event channel binding fails. Xen patchbot -unstable
12:52 [Xen-changelog] Simplify code by acking watch as soon as we read it. Xen patchbot -unstable
12:52 [Xen-changelog] Simplify code by making in and out pointers internal to xenbus_xs.c Xen patchbot -unstable
10:20 [Xen-changelog] Nicer platform timer string (include clock rate in mhz). Xen patchbot -unstable
09:36 [Xen-changelog] Fix irq.c warning, from aq. Xen patchbot -unstable
09:10 [Xen-changelog] Fix gnttab bug in blkfront. Xen patchbot -unstable
July 27, 05
23:14 [Xen-changelog] Slightly better time debugging support in Xen. Xen patchbot -unstable
18:42 [Xen-changelog] Get rid of internet_copy.jpg once more. Xen patchbot -unstable
18:42 [Xen-changelog] Don't ignore exceptions here - the possible RuntimeError is handled already. Xen patchbot -unstable
18:30 [Xen-changelog] Introduce dom0 to the store. Xen patchbot -unstable
18:30 [Xen-changelog] Handle introduce_domain failing when the domain is already introduced. Xen patchbot -unstable
17:30 [Xen-changelog] Always pass around the store machine frame number instead of the linear address. Xen patchbot -unstable
17:30 [Xen-changelog] Add xc_init_store python binding. Xen patchbot -unstable
17:30 [Xen-changelog] Fix read of integers from database on event channel restore. Xen patchbot -unstable
17:30 [Xen-changelog] Make XENSTORED_DEBUG create a xenstored trace logfile. Xen patchbot -unstable
17:30 [Xen-changelog] Move SIF_BLK_BE_DOMAIN and SIF_NET_BE_DOMAIN definitions to where they are used. Xen patchbot -unstable
17:30 [Xen-changelog] merge? Xen patchbot -unstable
17:30 [Xen-changelog] Don't auto-add domains we don't know about. Xen patchbot -unstable
16:18 [Xen-changelog] Add IBM Cyclone support to Xen. Xen patchbot -unstable
15:32 [Xen-changelog] Add HPET support to Xen. It is quicker to access and more Xen patchbot -unstable
11:20 [Xen-changelog] On opt_nosmp, also force num_cores to 1. Do this in setup.c Xen patchbot -unstable
11:16 [Xen-changelog] Kill a bad assertion. Xen patchbot -unstable
11:00 [Xen-changelog] Merge. Xen patchbot -unstable
11:00 [Xen-changelog] Make sure that opt_nosmp also disables hyperthreading. This stops us Xen patchbot -unstable
10:10 [Xen-changelog] Rename file with space in name. Xen patchbot -unstable
09:24 [Xen-changelog] Fix memory reservation in XenLinux. Xen patchbot -unstable
00:28 [Xen-changelog] merge? Xen patchbot -unstable
00:28 [Xen-changelog] Frob the Linux-2.6 configs to enable PAE (HIGHMEM_64G) if XEN_TARGET_X86_PAE=y Xen patchbot -unstable
00:28 [Xen-changelog] Clean up xenbus code not to use priorities. Xen patchbot -unstable
00:28 [Xen-changelog] Fix case where watch callback unregisters itself: do not try to ack it Xen patchbot -unstable
00:28 [Xen-changelog] Implement xenbus_dev_error() and xenbus_dev_ok() functions Xen patchbot -unstable
00:28 [Xen-changelog] Scrub initial xenstore page, free xendev structure. Xen patchbot -unstable
00:27 [Xen-changelog] Fix locking: probe can be called from several places, so ensure Xen patchbot -unstable
00:27 [Xen-changelog] Fix bus watch code, and clean up a little. Xen patchbot -unstable
00:27 [Xen-changelog] Note about when device_find is fixed Xen patchbot -unstable
00:27 [Xen-changelog] Modify to assume transactions Xen patchbot -unstable
00:27 [Xen-changelog] Do not use device_find: crashes for some reason Xen patchbot -unstable
00:27 [Xen-changelog] Fix missing argument rename in xenbus_exists. Xen patchbot -unstable
00:27 [Xen-changelog] Grab lock around registering watch. Xen patchbot -unstable
00:27 [Xen-changelog] Add watch for dynamic add/remove of devices. Xen patchbot -unstable
00:27 [Xen-changelog] Fix return from xenbus_scanf: returns number scanned, not 0! Xen patchbot -unstable
00:27 [Xen-changelog] Major xenbus cleanup Xen patchbot -unstable
00:27 [Xen-changelog] Update python bindings - xs_watch doesn't support a priority anymore. Xen patchbot -unstable
00:27 [Xen-changelog] Remove ill-conceived concept of watches blocking reply on Xen patchbot -unstable
00:27 [Xen-changelog] Fix bug where transaction fires multiple events. Xen patchbot -unstable
00:27 [Xen-changelog] Fix bug where watch messages doesn't go out. Also change xs_test Xen patchbot -unstable
00:27 [Xen-changelog] Allow test.sh to take arg: name of test to start with Xen patchbot -unstable
00:27 [Xen-changelog] Make testing more reliable: wait for event after async so we know Xen patchbot -unstable
00:26 [Xen-changelog] Change watches: operations block until everyone has acked. Xen patchbot -unstable
00:26 [Xen-changelog] Change from bool indicating blocked to an enum: when watches go Xen patchbot -unstable
00:26 [Xen-changelog] Test and fix acknowedge_watch from returning EINVAL. Xen patchbot -unstable
00:26 [Xen-changelog] Fix testsuite to ignore tool/ dir. Xen patchbot -unstable
00:26 [Xen-changelog] Start of code to persistent store connections when xenstored restarts Xen patchbot -unstable
00:26 [Xen-changelog] # HG changeset patch Xen patchbot -unstable
July 26, 05
16:16 [Xen-changelog] Manual merge. Xen patchbot -unstable
16:16 [Xen-changelog] Attached patch removes the empty domain if Xen patchbot -unstable
16:16 [Xen-changelog] Don't enter sv subdirectory until its Makefile supports targets Xen patchbot -unstable
15:16 [Xen-changelog] Manual merge. Xen patchbot -unstable
15:16 [Xen-changelog] This patch prevents you from getting a screen full of stack trace when Xen patchbot -unstable
14:30 [Xen-changelog] Add XenSV back into the repository. Xen patchbot -unstable
10:08 [Xen-changelog] Fix restart/poweroff properly. From aq. Xen patchbot -unstable
July 25, 05
21:18 [Xen-changelog] - allows to optionally boot the system with a policy already being Xen patchbot -unstable
21:05 [Xen-changelog] Improve guest time keeping Xen patchbot -unstable
21:05 [Xen-changelog] Really enable gdbserver for real mode code. Xen patchbot -unstable
21:05 [Xen-changelog] Use hg root instead of bk root. Xen patchbot -unstable
21:04 [Xen-changelog] Restore command line parsing code from qemu-0.6.1 Xen patchbot -unstable
21:04 [Xen-changelog] Allow multiple disk images per guest. Xen patchbot -unstable
21:04 [Xen-changelog] Fix the path to qemu-dm Xen patchbot -unstable
21:04 [Xen-changelog] Implement the I/O bitmap vm execution control. Xen patchbot -unstable
21:04 [Xen-changelog] Don't leave behind zombie device model processes Xen patchbot -unstable
21:04 [Xen-changelog] Xen full virtualization does not handle unaligned IO with page crossing. Xen patchbot -unstable
21:04 [Xen-changelog] Translate some control characters in the qemu monitor. Xen patchbot -unstable
20:48 [Xen-changelog] Remove extra definition of DBG in pci/irq.c in XenLinux. Xen patchbot -unstable
20:32 [Xen-changelog] Fix cross-compile builds by using NM macro instead of nm Xen patchbot -unstable
20:32 [Xen-changelog] XenLinux restart/poweroff calls 'reboot' or 'poweroff' Xen patchbot -unstable
20:26 [Xen-changelog] split deallocation from net_tx_action Xen patchbot -unstable
20:26 [Xen-changelog] add grant table capabilities to netback and netfront. Xen patchbot -unstable
20:26 [Xen-changelog] regenerate smp-alt.patch for 2.6.12 Xen patchbot -unstable
20:26 [Xen-changelog] Local merge Xen patchbot -unstable
20:26 [Xen-changelog] Fixed extratime scheduling bug, which caused a prioritised dom0 to overtake the whole cpu. Xen patchbot -unstable
July 22, 05
16:44 [Xen-changelog] Port kallsyms to Xen, as 'symbols'. Xen patchbot -unstable
16:44 [Xen-changelog] In 2.6.12-land, do_debug and do_int3 return void. Make sure we don't try Xen patchbot -unstable
July 21, 05
15:50 [Xen-changelog] Here is a patch to enable Xen to run on a Unisys ES7000 x86_64 system. Xen patchbot -unstable
14:14 [Xen-changelog] Fix problem of can not create two or more vmx guest. Xen patchbot -unstable
14:00 [Xen-changelog] Save per cpu IDT information into the VMCS host area. Xen patchbot -unstable
14:00 [Xen-changelog] Propagate guest MSR writes to machine MSRs immediately Xen patchbot -unstable
July 20, 05
19:44 [Xen-changelog] Fix bug. Xen patchbot -unstable
17:46 [Xen-changelog] No need to define io_remap_pfn_range in linux/mm.h. Xen patchbot -unstable
17:46 [Xen-changelog] Merged by hand. Xen patchbot -unstable
17:46 [Xen-changelog] Shadow mode's writable-PTs should only allow guest kernels access to PTs Xen patchbot -unstable
July 19, 05
09:26 [Xen-changelog] Fix wallclock timebase extraction in XenLinux. Xen patchbot -unstable
08:52 [Xen-changelog] Simplify and fix the error-correction factor during Xen patchbot -unstable
July 18, 05
20:22 [Xen-changelog] First cut of new time interfaces and synchronisation mechanisms. Xen patchbot -unstable
20:22 [Xen-changelog] pdb: read/write registers for process target Xen patchbot -unstable
07:44 [Xen-changelog] Fix maxmemkb calc. From Anh Quynh. Xen patchbot -2 . 0-testing
July 16, 05
16:46 [Xen-changelog] Fix 'make uninstall' target. Xen patchbot -2 . 0-testing
16:46 [Xen-changelog] Fix 'make uninstall' target. Xen patchbot -unstable
14:14 [Xen-changelog] Fix 'make mrproper' to remove pristine and ref trees. Xen patchbot -unstable
14:04 [Xen-changelog] Delete resurrected files (from ia64 merge). Xen patchbot -unstable
July 15, 05
19:56 [Xen-changelog] Simple grant-table fix (check_unmap). Xen patchbot -unstable
19:36 [Xen-changelog] Trivial fixes for numeric arg to head/tail. Xen patchbot -2 . 0-testing
19:36 [Xen-changelog] Trivial fixes for numeric arg to head/tail. Xen patchbot -unstable
13:53 [Xen-changelog] Merge with ia64-unstable.hg Xen patchbot -unstable
13:53 [Xen-changelog] Fix for new ns16550 serial code in xen-unstable.hg Xen patchbot -unstable
13:53 [Xen-changelog] Oops remove debug output from last changeset Xen patchbot -unstable
13:53 [Xen-changelog] Fix PAL_PTCE_INFO and cpuid (pfmon now works) Xen patchbot -unstable
13:53 [Xen-changelog] Add easy way to turn off all fast paths to rule them out when debugging Xen patchbot -unstable
13:53 [Xen-changelog] Better pal/sal support Xen patchbot -unstable
13:53 [Xen-changelog] Fixes so xen+xenlinux boots on ski Xen patchbot -unstable
13:52 [Xen-changelog] Fix zeroing of some counters and add a couple more Xen patchbot -unstable
13:52 [Xen-changelog] Intel's pre-bk->hg transition patches Xen patchbot -unstable
13:52 [Xen-changelog] Add fast path for thash hyperprivop Xen patchbot -unstable
13:52 [Xen-changelog] Cleanup virtual translation code Xen patchbot -unstable
13:52 [Xen-changelog] Somehow this file got zeroed out?!? Replacing it Xen patchbot -unstable
13:52 [Xen-changelog] Catch up to xen-unstable.hg tip Xen patchbot -unstable
13:52 [Xen-changelog] Dummy file to test hg push Xen patchbot -unstable
12:54 [Xen-changelog] Relax the bounce-buffer copying constraints in dma_sync_single_for_* Xen patchbot -2 . 0-testing
12:52 [Xen-changelog] Relax the bounce-buffer copying constraints in dma_sync_single_for_* Xen patchbot -unstable
12:46 [Xen-changelog] Avoid some unnecessary TLB flushes. This will probably make no real Xen patchbot -unstable
09:13 [Xen-changelog] Fix exit path from DOM0_CREATEDOMAIN, which I broke earlier Xen patchbot -unstable
08:50 [Xen-changelog] Enable VMX domains on a SMP dom0. Xen patchbot -unstable
08:30 [Xen-changelog] Recently some people complain that they cannot set the maxmem for Xen patchbot -unstable
08:22 [Xen-changelog] Temporary fix for netif ring overflow, until we move Xen patchbot -unstable
07:58 [Xen-changelog] If domain destruction fails because the domain does not Xen patchbot -2 . 0-testing
07:54 [Xen-changelog] Simpler domid allocation. Xen patchbot -unstable
07:38 [Xen-changelog] Unused var. Xen patchbot -2 . 0-testing
00:22 [Xen-changelog] Update x86_64 -xen config for Linux 2.6.12 Xen patchbot -unstable
July 14, 05
22:30 [Xen-changelog] Update the -xen default config to Linux 2.6.12 Xen patchbot -unstable
22:30 [Xen-changelog] Incorporate lomount from QEMU into tools/misc. This tool makes it easy to mount Xen patchbot -unstable
16:22 [Xen-changelog] Remove buggy GDT zeroing code from domain restore. Xen patchbot -2 . 0-testing
14:00 [Xen-changelog] Missing quirks.c file. Xen patchbot -unstable
11:08 [Xen-changelog] Auto-disable IRQ balancing/affinity on buggy chipsets. Xen patchbot -unstable
10:38 [Xen-changelog] Allow IRQ balancing to be disabled with 'noirqbalance' Xen patchbot -2 . 0-testing
10:38 [Xen-changelog] Create .hgskip files in pristine trees. Xen patchbot -2 . 0-testing
10:38 [Xen-changelog] Fix version number grabbing after switch from bk to hg. Xen patchbot -2 . 0-testing
10:38 [Xen-changelog] Allow IRQ balancing to be disabled with 'noirqbalance' Xen patchbot -unstable
10:26 [Xen-changelog] Add debug-key for printing IRQ/IOAPIC info. Xen patchbot -unstable
10:26 [Xen-changelog] Misc fixes for new sparse tree names: xen-clone script; -xen kernel build (the one with all the modules); Backout changes to legacy targets. Xen patchbot -unstable
09:16 [Xen-changelog] Allow arch-specific defaults to be specified for ns16550 Xen patchbot -unstable
08:00 [Xen-changelog] The VMCS control bits in the current tree are not optimal. Attached is Xen patchbot -unstable
08:00 [Xen-changelog] Cleanup mov to CR4 handling. Xen patchbot -unstable
08:00 [Xen-changelog] Enable CR4.VME to improve the performance of vm86 emulation. Xen patchbot -unstable
07:56 [Xen-changelog] repair legacy Makefile targets linux26 and linux24 Xen patchbot -unstable
07:56 [Xen-changelog] pdb: reconcile register manipulation between processes and domains Xen patchbot -unstable
July 13, 05
15:04 [Xen-changelog] Initial tools support for 32-bit x86 pae. Xen patchbot -unstable
15:04 [Xen-changelog] Force PAE build of Xen by specifying 'pae=y' to make, or Xen patchbot -unstable
15:04 [Xen-changelog] Remove CONFIG_X86_PAE hack from config.h. Xen patchbot -unstable
15:04 [Xen-changelog] Readd pristine-% rules that went MIA. Xen patchbot -unstable
12:58 [Xen-changelog] Enable NX/XD feature for 32-bit PAE Xen. Xen patchbot -unstable
10:08 [Xen-changelog] Build hotplug by default in dom0. Xen patchbot -unstable
08:38 [Xen-changelog] The patch attached restores NX/XD support in x86_64 xenlinux. When the Xen patchbot -unstable
08:38 [Xen-changelog] Need to save and restore MSRs for VMX domains across context switches. Xen patchbot -unstable
08:24 [Xen-changelog] Fix NX/XD enable on secondary CPUs. Xen patchbot -unstable
08:24 [Xen-changelog] pdb: get rid of absolute path in module makefile Xen patchbot -unstable
July 12, 05
17:24 [Xen-changelog] Let Xen have 256 PIRQs to guests. Xen patchbot -unstable
17:24 [Xen-changelog] pdb: execution_domain -> vcpu Xen patchbot -unstable
16:50 [Xen-changelog] Native x86_64 linux uses paranoidentry for exceptions with ist !=3D 0, Xen patchbot -unstable
16:20 [Xen-changelog] Fix Xen build with PAE enabled, and a fix to help Xen patchbot -unstable
16:20 [Xen-changelog] Small fix for PAE in 2.6.12. Xen patchbot -unstable
16:20 [Xen-changelog] Some more new files for Linux PAE. Xen patchbot -unstable
16:20 [Xen-changelog] Fix hgignore regexps some more. Xen patchbot -unstable
13:18 [Xen-changelog] Fix DMA compile for x86_64. Xen patchbot -unstable
10:30 [Xen-changelog] Fix dma_map_single to work correctly with multi-page buffers. Xen patchbot -unstable
10:28 [Xen-changelog] xenstored updates. Xen patchbot -unstable
10:28 [Xen-changelog] Manual merge. Xen patchbot -unstable
10:28 [Xen-changelog] Manual merge. Xen patchbot -unstable
10:16 [Xen-changelog] Add xc_init_store and run xenbus probe on INITDOMAIN_STORE privcmd ioctl. Xen patchbot -unstable
10:16 [Xen-changelog] Update xenbus driver code. Xen patchbot -unstable
09:40 [Xen-changelog] Create .hgskip files instead of .bk_skip files. Xen patchbot -unstable
09:22 [Xen-changelog] Dom0 can have slack time in sedf scheduler. Xen patchbot -unstable
07:52 [Xen-changelog] Fix the x86_64 build after the PAE check-in. Xen patchbot -unstable
07:52 [Xen-changelog] Add HIGHMEM64G (but not set) to defconfigs. Xen patchbot -unstable
July 11, 05
21:34 [Xen-changelog] Fix README. Xen patchbot -unstable
20:31 [Xen-changelog] This is the patch for xen which allows using up to 16 GB Xen patchbot -unstable
20:31 [Xen-changelog] Tools build fixes. Xen patchbot -unstable
20:31 [Xen-changelog] non-PAE behavior should be identical after applying these Xen patchbot -unstable
20:31 [Xen-changelog] Place all low mem in DMA pool. Xen patchbot -unstable
20:31 [Xen-changelog] This adds a patch for the vanilla kernel, to be pushed upstream some Xen patchbot -unstable
20:31 [Xen-changelog] Another fix to the hgignore list. Xen patchbot -unstable
20:31 [Xen-changelog] Remove 2.6.11 patches directory. Xen patchbot -unstable
20:10 [Xen-changelog] Device model SXP cleanup Xen patchbot -unstable
14:44 [Xen-changelog] The 1:1 page table should be a 3 level PAE page table on x86-64 Xen patchbot -unstable
10:22 [Xen-changelog] Remaining files for shadow 64 mode checkin. Xen patchbot -unstable
10:22 [Xen-changelog] Added regexp fixes Xen patchbot -unstable
09:58 [Xen-changelog] Check in files I missed from shadow64 checkin. Xen patchbot -unstable
09:22 [Xen-changelog] Fix stupid switch stmt mess-up that broke emulation Xen patchbot -unstable
09:14 [Xen-changelog] Now we have extended the patch to support x86_64 domU as well. The Xen patchbot -unstable
09:02 [Xen-changelog] Don't build xenctx by default, a nd fix one error msg. Xen patchbot -unstable
09:00 [Xen-changelog] Manual merge. Xen patchbot -unstable
09:00 [Xen-changelog] cmpl workaround for mmio regions Xen patchbot -unstable
09:00 [Xen-changelog] Remove debug printks. Xen patchbot -unstable
09:00 [Xen-changelog] Narrow the diff between i386 and x86-64 for xen0 config. Xen patchbot -unstable
09:00 [Xen-changelog] More verbose log when vmx_decode() fails. Xen patchbot -unstable
09:00 [Xen-changelog] Fix xenctx compilation and support 64 bit. Xen patchbot -unstable
July 10, 05
19:16 [Xen-changelog] fix build when not using grant tables for blkdev. Xen patchbot -unstable
17:32 [Xen-changelog] Manual merge. Xen patchbot -unstable
17:28 [Xen-changelog] Small fix to x86_64 entry.S. Xen patchbot -unstable
17:22 [Xen-changelog] Remove checks for libcurl. It's no longer a dependency. Xen patchbot -unstable
17:22 [Xen-changelog] add ocaml compilation targets and pdb to .hgignore Xen patchbot -unstable
July 09, 05
10:24 [Xen-changelog] Get a very primitive relation of IRQ affinity working. For the Xen patchbot -unstable
10:24 [Xen-changelog] Manual merge. Xen patchbot -unstable
10:24 [Xen-changelog] Make structs non-empty. Xen patchbot -unstable
10:24 [Xen-changelog] Merge. Xen patchbot -unstable
10:24 [Xen-changelog] Get rid of some debug printks. Xen patchbot -unstable
July 08, 05
16:36 [Xen-changelog] Further tweaks to the bounce buffer code for dma_map_single. Xen patchbot -2 . 0-testing
16:36 [Xen-changelog] Certain types of event channel are now auto-bound to vcpu0 by Xen. Xen patchbot -unstable
14:18 [Xen-changelog] Clean up Xen's event-channel interface, and semantics for binding Xen patchbot -unstable
14:18 [Xen-changelog] Merge. Xen patchbot -unstable
14:18 [Xen-changelog] Merge. Xen patchbot -unstable
14:18 [Xen-changelog] Quick hack to make sure that pirqs and interdomain event channels are Xen patchbot -unstable
12:56 [Xen-changelog] Fix dma_map_single to work correctly with mutli-page buffers. Xen patchbot -2 . 0-testing
09:06 [Xen-changelog] The attached patch adds a new dom0_op, DOM0_GETDOMAININFOLIST. This Xen patchbot -unstable
08:48 [Xen-changelog] trivial header fix for ACM code. Xen patchbot -unstable
08:48 [Xen-changelog] Fix top Makefile targets linux24 and linux26. Xen patchbot -unstable
08:46 [Xen-changelog] Add debug-register access emulation. Xen patchbot -unstable
08:46 [Xen-changelog] python wrapper arg fix from aq. Xen patchbot -unstable
July 07, 05
08:20 [Xen-changelog] Fix cross-compilation, and gcc4. Xen patchbot -unstable
08:20 [Xen-changelog] Change default Xen scheduler to Stephan Diestelhorst's SEDF, which can provide time slice guarantees as well as weighted differentiation. Xen patchbot -unstable
July 06, 05
22:56 [Xen-changelog] Enable CONFIG_SMP, CONFIG_SMP_HOTPLUG and CONFIG_SMP_ALTERNATIVES in the -xenU default kernel. Xen patchbot -unstable
22:50 [Xen-changelog] I updated the vcpu_to_cpu string creation to include a field separator, Xen patchbot -unstable
18:58 [Xen-changelog] manual merge Xen patchbot -unstable
18:58 [Xen-changelog] manual merge Xen patchbot -unstable
18:58 [Xen-changelog] manual merge Xen patchbot -unstable
18:36 [Xen-changelog] manual merge Xen patchbot -unstable
18:36 [Xen-changelog] Fix SMP_ALTERNATIVES to cope with discarded init data. Xen patchbot -unstable
18:36 [Xen-changelog] update hg cheatsheet Xen patchbot -unstable
18:22 [Xen-changelog] Add a dummy xen_defconfig_x86_64. Currently the same as xen0 Xen patchbot -unstable
18:22 [Xen-changelog] manual merge Xen patchbot -unstable
18:22 [Xen-changelog] add ocaml compiled files to .hgignore Xen patchbot -unstable
17:30 [Xen-changelog] Enable CONFIG_HIGHMEM4G in default Linux 2.6 kernel configs. Xen patchbot -unstable
17:30 [Xen-changelog] Improve changeset identification to work from src tar ball too. Xen patchbot -unstable
16:52 [Xen-changelog] Fix blkif 'grant-table-ification' Xen patchbot -unstable
16:52 [Xen-changelog] Manual merge. Xen patchbot -unstable
16:52 [Xen-changelog] Move xenstore page before page tables so that guest doesn't free it after boot Xen patchbot -unstable
16:52 [Xen-changelog] Add a new Linux kernel config file -xen [NB: no 0 or U suffix] that builds a wide selection of modules, more in keeping with distro kernels. Xen patchbot -unstable
10:50 [Xen-changelog] Mini-os updates from Grzegorz Milos. Xen patchbot -unstable
09:00 [Xen-changelog] Attached is a patch that fully 'grant-table-ifies' the block front and Xen patchbot -unstable
09:00 [Xen-changelog] Shell scripts aren't very strippable and some versions of install get Xen patchbot -unstable
09:00 [Xen-changelog] Oh gcc4 ....how you complain soo. This patch fixes compile with gcc4 Xen patchbot -unstable
July 05, 05
16:08 [Xen-changelog] Here are two patches which update the hypercall interfaces to Xen patchbot -unstable
16:08 [Xen-changelog] Cleanup whitespace. Xen patchbot -unstable
08:50 [Xen-changelog] No changes from me. Xen patchbot -unstable
08:50 [Xen-changelog] Remove confusion about terminating nul character. Xen patchbot -unstable
08:50 [Xen-changelog] Undo "Add -fPIC tools/xenstore/Makefile". Xen patchbot -unstable
July 04, 05
16:04 [Xen-changelog] Rename fields in physinfo_t structure and add sockets/nodes Xen patchbot -unstable
15:42 [Xen-changelog] Manual merge. Xen patchbot -unstable
15:36 [Xen-changelog] merge Xen patchbot -unstable
15:36 [Xen-changelog] Add hook in get_user_pages to allow lookups of foreign mapped pages. Xen patchbot -unstable
15:36 [Xen-changelog] Fix grant-table interface by removing the unnecessary union. Xen patchbot -unstable
15:36 [Xen-changelog] Example of assymetric pull/push paths. Xen patchbot -unstable
15:36 [Xen-changelog] Extended explanation of 'hg diff'. Xen patchbot -unstable
08:22 [Xen-changelog] To avoid MSR save/restore at every VM exit/entry time, we restore the Xen patchbot -unstable
08:22 [Xen-changelog] The patch extends the VMCS handling to support both 32-bit and 64-bit Xen patchbot -unstable
08:22 [Xen-changelog] Recent header file cleanup (cset 2b6c1a8098078f7e53de7cf72227fddf01f0b2b6) Xen patchbot -unstable
July 03, 05
22:38 [Xen-changelog] Manual merge. Xen patchbot -unstable
22:38 [Xen-changelog] Remove Jan Beulich's install.sh patch. It was failing for Xen patchbot -unstable
22:38 [Xen-changelog] Manual merge -- hg not so good at deleting right now. Xen patchbot -unstable
22:38 [Xen-changelog] Clean-up of blktap and parallax user space code. Xen patchbot -unstable
22:38 [Xen-changelog] Fix some newline ugliness that BK wouldn't correct. Xen patchbot -unstable
15:10 [Xen-changelog] Install qemu-dm.debug script. Xen patchbot -unstable
12:40 [Xen-changelog] Replace implicit 16-byte arg to xen_extraversion with an Xen patchbot -unstable
July 02, 05
22:38 [Xen-changelog] Avoid repeated #define's in public headers. Xen patchbot -unstable
08:42 [Xen-changelog] Remove non-ISO attributes from public headers. Xen patchbot -unstable
July 01, 05
21:26 [Xen-changelog] Improve the IDE HD geometry auto detection algorithm. Xen patchbot -unstable
21:26 [Xen-changelog] Register the portio handler only once. Xen patchbot -unstable
21:26 [Xen-changelog] Refactor guest exception injection code. Xen patchbot -unstable
17:28 [Xen-changelog] Get rid of references to qemu-dm.debug. Xen patchbot -unstable
16:08 [Xen-changelog] Another issue found with building the guest outside the source tree. Xen patchbot -unstable
15:50 [Xen-changelog] I found several build issues, mostly related to building outside of the Xen patchbot -unstable
15:50 [Xen-changelog] Other than the native kernels, the xen guests install without attempting Xen patchbot -unstable
15:50 [Xen-changelog] Other than native x86-64 code, the XEN guest *does* use 4k mappings for Xen patchbot -unstable
15:50 [Xen-changelog] Some exports were misssing/mis-qualified. Adjustment below/attached. Xen patchbot -unstable
15:50 [Xen-changelog] Other than native i386 code, the page fault handler in the guest for Xen patchbot -unstable
15:50 [Xen-changelog] This patch fixes few typos in hg-cheatsheet.txt Xen patchbot -unstable
15:50 [Xen-changelog] Manual merge. Xen patchbot -unstable
15:50 [Xen-changelog] Rewrite xenbus_path and cleanup whitespace. Xen patchbot -unstable
15:44 [Xen-changelog] Removed a stray file from the old 2.4.27 tree. Xen patchbot -2 . 0-testing
14:32 [Xen-changelog] Fix Xen 'make install' not to rebuild console.o if called Xen patchbot -unstable
13:36 [Xen-changelog] Manual merge. Xen patchbot -unstable
13:36 [Xen-changelog] Remove incorrect check for terminating nul character. Xen patchbot -unstable
13:36 [Xen-changelog] . Xen patchbot -unstable
12:50 [Xen-changelog] Remove BitKeeper files from the repository. Xen patchbot -unstable
12:46 [Xen-changelog] Manual merge Xen patchbot -unstable
12:44 [Xen-changelog] Removed "bk root" call from fbsdxensetup script Xen patchbot -unstable
12:32 [Xen-changelog] mkelf32 explicit-size types are based on defs in inttypes.h. Xen patchbot -unstable
12:32 [Xen-changelog] manual merge Xen patchbot -unstable
12:32 [Xen-changelog] Fix to xen-clone, minor top-level Makefile tidy Xen patchbot -unstable
12:32 [Xen-changelog] Device model path cleanup. Remove bochsrc which is no longer needed. Xen patchbot -unstable
10:58 [Xen-changelog] Endif Xen patchbot -2 . 0-testing
10:58 [Xen-changelog] Correct fbsdxensetup update to use correct shell syntax Xen patchbot -2 . 0-testing
10:47 [Xen-changelog] manual merge James Bulpin
10:47 [Xen-changelog] Add the Mercurial for Xen cheatsheet into the repo. James Bulpin
10:47 [Xen-changelog] use hg changeset info for xen banner James Bulpin
10:30 [Xen-changelog] use hg changeset info for xen banner Xen patchbot -unstable
10:28 [Xen-changelog] Removed "bk root" call from fbsdxensetup script Xen patchbot -2 . 0-testing
10:28 [Xen-changelog] use hg changeset info for xen banner Xen patchbot -unstable
10:26 [Xen-changelog] use hg changeset info for xen banner Xen patchbot -unstable
10:24 [Xen-changelog] use hg changeset info for xen banner Xen patchbot -unstable
10:22 [Xen-changelog] use hg changeset info for xen banner Xen patchbot -unstable
09:08 [Xen-changelog] Formally remove support for linux 2.4 dom0. domU should still work. James Bulpin
09:08 [Xen-changelog] Update xen-clone script for hg. Still missing revision selection functionality. James Bulpin

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