xen-changelog - Mail Index

October 31, 05
17:07 [Xen-changelog] Watch events may get lost, the xenstored response races against the new Xen patchbot -unstable
10:48 [Xen-changelog] Sanitise the trace-buffer hypervisor<->user interface. Xen patchbot -unstable
10:47 [Xen-changelog] Remove stupid unused strtok() function. Xen patchbot -unstable
10:47 [Xen-changelog] Simplify trace header some more, and ensure that Xen patchbot -unstable
10:47 [Xen-changelog] Tracing cleanups and simplify tb_set_size(). Dynamic Xen patchbot -unstable
10:47 [Xen-changelog] Remove trace compile option from Xen. Xen patchbot -unstable
10:47 [Xen-changelog] This is a set of changes which allow the tracebuffer functionality to Xen patchbot -unstable
October 30, 05
22:33 [Xen-changelog] Merged. Xen patchbot -unstable
22:33 [Xen-changelog] Try again to get the ptrdiff_t printf right for 64-bit. Xen patchbot -unstable
22:33 [Xen-changelog] --- xen-unstable.hg.copy/docs/Makefile 2005-10-28 18:36:33.000000000 -0700 Xen patchbot -unstable
22:33 [Xen-changelog] Added doccomment. Xen patchbot -unstable
22:33 [Xen-changelog] Move misplaced netif_free declaration. Xen patchbot -unstable
22:33 [Xen-changelog] Added network-attach and network-detach. Fixes bug #300. Xen patchbot -unstable
22:33 [Xen-changelog] Force the devid given to destroyDevice to an integer. This means that that Xen patchbot -unstable
22:32 [Xen-changelog] Added -lpthread to qemu-dm link line, in order to compile even without SDL Xen patchbot -unstable
22:32 [Xen-changelog] Change the grant table interface so that gnttab_end_foreign_access_ref returns Xen patchbot -unstable
22:32 [Xen-changelog] Added cast to silence warning on 64-bit. Xen patchbot -unstable
22:32 [Xen-changelog] Use %tx C99 printf modifier for ptrdiff_t so that this builds on 64-bit. Xen patchbot -unstable
22:32 [Xen-changelog] This patch is to fix the NIC driven mechanism to make it event Xen patchbot -unstable
22:32 [Xen-changelog] Once grant refs run out, netfront prints a nice message, but doesn't set Xen patchbot -unstable
22:32 [Xen-changelog] Small shadow pagetable fixes. Xen patchbot -unstable
22:32 [Xen-changelog] Remove out: label, to silence warning. Xen patchbot -unstable
22:32 [Xen-changelog] Merged. Xen patchbot -unstable
22:32 [Xen-changelog] Don't schedule work for reboot if work is already scheduled. This fixes a Xen patchbot -unstable
22:32 [Xen-changelog] Change the interface between XendRoot.get_network_script and Vifctl so that a Xen patchbot -unstable
22:32 [Xen-changelog] Don't use XendRoot.get_vif_bridge to provide a default bridge -- instead, pass Xen patchbot -unstable
22:32 [Xen-changelog] Added test_create.py, a test script for create.py. This contains a unit test Xen patchbot -unstable
22:31 [Xen-changelog] Added xen.xm.tests package to build. Xen patchbot -unstable
22:31 [Xen-changelog] Added xen-script-common.sh, for functions common to all scripts, not just the Xen patchbot -unstable
22:31 [Xen-changelog] Print out MFN in audit code, for debugging purposes. Xen patchbot -unstable
22:31 [Xen-changelog] Free domain names in xenstat_free_node, fixing small memory leak. Xen patchbot -unstable
22:31 [Xen-changelog] Fix reboot logic. An indentation error meant that every second reboot would Xen patchbot -unstable
10:59 [Xen-changelog] Fix floating-point corruption (a nasty race in fp task-switch Xen patchbot -unstable
10:59 [Xen-changelog] Add a commented-out sanity check for lazy fpu switching. Xen patchbot -unstable
October 29, 05
09:57 [Xen-changelog] merge Xen patchbot -unstable
09:57 [Xen-changelog] Oops, missed hg add of vti example file Xen patchbot -unstable
09:57 [Xen-changelog] Necessary change to support ia64/vti domain build in common code. Xen patchbot -unstable
09:57 [Xen-changelog] Image builder for ia64/vti domain, together with a example config file. Xen patchbot -unstable
09:57 [Xen-changelog] Code reordering for (partial) gcc3.4 compatibility Xen patchbot -unstable
09:56 [Xen-changelog] Remove dup prologue lines Xen patchbot -unstable
09:56 [Xen-changelog] Define VHPT constants from VHPT_SIZE_LOG2. Xen patchbot -unstable
09:56 [Xen-changelog] Need additional include for ia64 Xen patchbot -unstable
09:56 [Xen-changelog] Necessary change to make ia64 dom0 rework: Xen patchbot -unstable
09:56 [Xen-changelog] Merge Xen patchbot -unstable
09:56 [Xen-changelog] Backout incautious public/io header changes Xen patchbot -unstable
09:56 [Xen-changelog] More itir fixes in vcpu_translate and cleanup Xen patchbot -unstable
09:56 [Xen-changelog] Fix reprogram_ac_timer corner case bug, by Tristan Gingold Xen patchbot -unstable
09:56 [Xen-changelog] Add fault debug feature (assuming guest doesn't use kr2), by Tristan Gingold Xen patchbot -unstable
09:56 [Xen-changelog] Fix itir bugs in vcpu_transalte and do some cleanup Xen patchbot -unstable
09:56 [Xen-changelog] Modify printfs to be able to compile on ia64. Xen patchbot -unstable
09:55 [Xen-changelog] Some outstanding bug fixes found in VT merge Xen patchbot -unstable
09:55 [Xen-changelog] Initial SMP support Xen patchbot -unstable
09:55 [Xen-changelog] Fast hyperprivop for itc.i and itc.d (works, but default off for stability) Xen patchbot -unstable
09:55 [Xen-changelog] Minor change needed for types rearrangement in xen-unstable 7339 Xen patchbot -unstable
01:57 [Xen-changelog] Prevent event listener socket from being inherited by children. Xen patchbot -unstable
October 28, 05
18:49 [Xen-changelog] Remove next_io_page field from domain structure. Xen patchbot -unstable
17:45 [Xen-changelog] Clean up the 'initial mapping' area properly on x86/64. Xen patchbot -unstable
16:42 [Xen-changelog] Fix sizeof_vcpu_shift in x86/64 xen_entry.S. Xen patchbot -unstable
16:42 [Xen-changelog] This patch provide local APIC support for vmx guest. Xen patchbot -unstable
16:42 [Xen-changelog] xm help notes that domid can be used in place of domname. Xen patchbot -unstable
16:42 [Xen-changelog] No side effects in BUG_ON statements in Xen. Xen patchbot -unstable
16:42 [Xen-changelog] To allow kernel to handle radically different hypervisors in the future, Xen patchbot -unstable
16:42 [Xen-changelog] I've created a patch to get the mini-os to compile in Xen-unstable. The patch Xen patchbot -unstable
16:42 [Xen-changelog] Originally in qemu when a IDE dma transfer is started which is triggered Xen patchbot -unstable
16:42 [Xen-changelog] The attached patch fixes 2 issues with the scripts written for the Xen Xen patchbot -unstable
16:41 [Xen-changelog] This patch Xen patchbot -unstable
16:41 [Xen-changelog] Remove all binaries on make clean. Xen patchbot -unstable
16:41 [Xen-changelog] Remove a non-portable and unused error.h, and use signal.h not Xen patchbot -unstable
16:41 [Xen-changelog] Use standard int typedefs. Xen patchbot -unstable
16:41 [Xen-changelog] BUG_ON() is a macro very very similar to assert(), and it's a really bad Xen patchbot -unstable
October 27, 05
15:49 [Xen-changelog] Fix Jerone Young's xenstat / xenstore patch: Xen patchbot -unstable
15:49 [Xen-changelog] * Enable xenstat to use xenstore Xen patchbot -unstable
October 26, 05
17:21 [Xen-changelog] Fix the check for non-existence of the save/restore directories, by using && Xen patchbot -unstable
17:21 [Xen-changelog] Move exception handler for sxp.ParseError above that for Exception, as the Xen patchbot -unstable
17:21 [Xen-changelog] Break the write_dev function out from block into new block-common.sh, where it Xen patchbot -unstable
17:21 [Xen-changelog] Added copyright notice. Xen patchbot -unstable
14:55 [Xen-changelog] New xendomains init script, courtesy of Kurt Garloff: Xen patchbot -unstable
13:44 [Xen-changelog] Check whether dom is NULL when we handle a watch. This might occur if the Xen patchbot -unstable
13:44 [Xen-changelog] Added comment. Xen patchbot -unstable
13:44 [Xen-changelog] Remove second decleration of .PHONY & cleanup formating Xen patchbot -unstable
13:44 [Xen-changelog] Fix format spec for tracing. Xen patchbot -unstable
13:44 [Xen-changelog] NBD scripts, courtesy of Kurt Garloff: Xen patchbot -unstable
13:43 [Xen-changelog] Merged. Xen patchbot -unstable
13:43 [Xen-changelog] Moved SuSE-specific getcfg call into a preiftransfer call. The semantics of Xen patchbot -unstable
13:43 [Xen-changelog] Change argument spec for introduce_domain argument parsing, as the MFN is a long. Xen patchbot -unstable
13:43 [Xen-changelog] Remove recently added uses of errno, as these cause trouble on ia64 builds. Xen patchbot -unstable
13:43 [Xen-changelog] Removed some unnecessary imports. Xen patchbot -unstable
13:43 [Xen-changelog] Don't run network stop script when doing xend stop. Xen patchbot -unstable
October 24, 05
18:03 [Xen-changelog] compute the correct totalram_pages when the balloon increase or decrease the Xen patchbot -unstable
14:15 [Xen-changelog] Added a timestamp to the logging output by trace_io. Xen patchbot -unstable
14:15 [Xen-changelog] Do not create the console tty until domain_create_ring has succeeded. This Xen patchbot -unstable
08:06 [Xen-changelog] Attached patch avoids "Bad L1 flags 80" for VMX domains. Thanks Ian for Xen patchbot -unstable
08:05 [Xen-changelog] Change the semantics of GetDomainPath so that it always succeeds, regardless of Xen patchbot -unstable
08:04 [Xen-changelog] Instead of writing errors to Xen patchbot -unstable
08:04 [Xen-changelog] Enable TSC-offsetting capability to ensure that VMX Xen patchbot -unstable
October 23, 05
16:51 [Xen-changelog] Fix an issue for passing arguement from control panel to deivce model Xen patchbot -unstable
16:51 [Xen-changelog] some fixes to VMX: Xen patchbot -unstable
16:51 [Xen-changelog] Reintroduce the changes made by changeset 7455:021324804fbd, which were Xen patchbot -unstable
16:51 [Xen-changelog] Fix 'xm vcpu-list'. List cpumap as 'CPU Affinity'. Use Xen patchbot -unstable
October 22, 05
09:23 [Xen-changelog] cpumap cleanups -- Python now deals with lists of cpus Xen patchbot -unstable
09:23 [Xen-changelog] Fix assertions in bitops.c. Xen patchbot -unstable
09:23 [Xen-changelog] This patch is to make xentop able to print vcpu usage for out of order Xen patchbot -unstable
09:23 [Xen-changelog] Two patches were applied to pygrub's setup.py to work around python2.2 Xen patchbot -unstable
09:23 [Xen-changelog] Disable Xen verbosity by default. At this point I think it Xen patchbot -unstable
October 21, 05
18:54 [Xen-changelog] Temporary workaround to xend start problem. Xen patchbot -unstable
18:54 [Xen-changelog] This is a follow up of PIC device model by Xiaofeng and me to move to Xen patchbot -unstable
18:54 [Xen-changelog] Tweak to pygrub build config detection. Xen patchbot -unstable
18:54 [Xen-changelog] Fix allocation of phys_to_machine_mapping array during Xen patchbot -unstable
18:54 [Xen-changelog] Add biossums dependency to Makefile to avoid parallel build breakage. Xen patchbot -unstable
18:54 [Xen-changelog] Merged. Xen patchbot -unstable
18:54 [Xen-changelog] Explicitly delete xc instance, which will hopefully solve the intermittent Xen patchbot -unstable
18:54 [Xen-changelog] Fix early bootstrap of secondary VCPUs on x86/64. Xen patchbot -unstable
18:54 [Xen-changelog] Break proc paths out into separate include file, rather than inlining them. Xen patchbot -unstable
18:54 [Xen-changelog] Merged. Xen patchbot -unstable
18:54 [Xen-changelog] Break common network code in xen-network-common.sh, and common vif hotplugging Xen patchbot -unstable
18:54 [Xen-changelog] Tidy xend-config.sxp, removing entries that haven't been used since the Xen patchbot -unstable
18:54 [Xen-changelog] Removed xen.util.process, as no-one is using it, and it leaves defunct processes Xen patchbot -unstable
18:53 [Xen-changelog] Remove unused Vifctl.vifctl and Vifctl.set_vif_name. Remove the bridge and Xen patchbot -unstable
18:53 [Xen-changelog] Output the Xen changeset in the logs at start of day. Xen patchbot -unstable
18:53 [Xen-changelog] Set antispoof default to yes, as this seems safer, and is the current behaviour Xen patchbot -unstable
18:53 [Xen-changelog] Work around internal error in some versions of x86/64 gcc Xen patchbot -unstable
18:53 [Xen-changelog] Upgrade tree to Xen patchbot -unstable
18:53 [Xen-changelog] Update one file from qemu 0.71 for Cirrus Logic VGA device model. Xen patchbot -unstable
18:53 [Xen-changelog] Send special keys that your graphical user interface intercepts at Xen patchbot -unstable
18:53 [Xen-changelog] Turn off some debug switches by default Xen patchbot -unstable
18:53 [Xen-changelog] This patch to the Xen access control module (ACM) and tools: Xen patchbot -unstable
18:53 [Xen-changelog] Avoid specifying bogus DISPLAY=None when spawning device model. Xen patchbot -unstable
18:53 [Xen-changelog] Merged. Xen patchbot -unstable
18:53 [Xen-changelog] Fix the recently-introduced failure to preserve uuid across a guest reboot. Xen patchbot -unstable
18:52 [Xen-changelog] New function direct_kernel_remap_pfn_range(). Like Xen patchbot -unstable
18:52 [Xen-changelog] disable bogus touchpad device model, which cause annoying dmesg on 2.6 kernel Xen patchbot -unstable
18:52 [Xen-changelog] smp_call_function() must be usable as an expression Xen patchbot -unstable
18:52 [Xen-changelog] Fix NMI race with context switch. Xen patchbot -unstable
18:52 [Xen-changelog] Makes smp_call_function a real stmt if CONFIG_SMP is not defined. Xen patchbot -unstable
18:52 [Xen-changelog] This patch fixes the problem that VMX guest can not get brought up on Xen patchbot -unstable
18:52 [Xen-changelog] Merged. Xen patchbot -unstable
18:52 [Xen-changelog] New network-bridge script and associated gubbins. Xen patchbot -unstable
18:52 [Xen-changelog] pygrub's setup.py relies on distutils.UnixCCompiler.has_function(), Xen patchbot -unstable
18:52 [Xen-changelog] Declare ac_timer_init() properly in ac_timer.h Xen patchbot -unstable
18:52 [Xen-changelog] Merge. Xen patchbot -unstable
18:52 [Xen-changelog] Added diagnosis tool for broken domains. Xen patchbot -unstable
18:52 [Xen-changelog] Set the console limit for DomUs based on a value set in xend-config.sxp. Xen patchbot -unstable
18:52 [Xen-changelog] Add slack to balloon driver to allow to counteract low-mem Xen patchbot -unstable
18:51 [Xen-changelog] merge Xen patchbot -unstable
18:51 [Xen-changelog] Better fix to detect failed patch application when building Xen patchbot -unstable
18:51 [Xen-changelog] Some trivial changes for the tool scripts: Xen patchbot -unstable
18:51 [Xen-changelog] Added sedf_get functionality to XendClient interface. From David Isaac Xen patchbot -unstable
October 19, 05
13:05 [Xen-changelog] Remove unused parameter from addControllerClass. This became unused when the Xen patchbot -unstable
13:05 [Xen-changelog] Remove unused shadow_control functionality from the Python layer. This is Xen patchbot -unstable
13:05 [Xen-changelog] Take advantage of the new UUID (handle) stored for us in Xen to improve the Xen patchbot -unstable
12:07 [Xen-changelog] Rename patch so it actually gets applied. Fail Xen patchbot -unstable
12:07 [Xen-changelog] Fix -xen builds. Xen patchbot -unstable
12:07 [Xen-changelog] Domain0 doesn't do initial VCPU hotplug via xenstore. Xen patchbot -unstable
12:07 [Xen-changelog] Remove 'n_vcpu' field from start_info structure. Domain0 Xen patchbot -unstable
12:07 [Xen-changelog] Protect __del__ from failure inside __init__ by setting inTransaction before Xen patchbot -unstable
12:07 [Xen-changelog] Added uuid unit test. Xen patchbot -unstable
12:07 [Xen-changelog] Fix call to getVCpuCount for dom0. Xen patchbot -unstable
12:06 [Xen-changelog] Merge i386/x86_64 smpboot.c into a simplified common Xen version. Xen patchbot -unstable
12:06 [Xen-changelog] alloc_netif() must return a ERR_PTR() on error, not NULL. Xen patchbot -unstable
12:06 [Xen-changelog] Clean up some VMX IO handler code: Xen patchbot -unstable
12:06 [Xen-changelog] Fix x86_64 smp boot: Xen patchbot -unstable
12:06 [Xen-changelog] Allow interdomain channels to bind DOMID_SELF to DOMID_SELF. Xen patchbot -unstable
12:06 [Xen-changelog] There are only six fields in vcpuinfo. Xen patchbot -unstable
12:06 [Xen-changelog] In the shadow mode, thanks to recent patches, the shadow Xen patchbot -unstable
12:06 [Xen-changelog] Fix transaction EAGAIN handling in xenstore client programs. Xen patchbot -unstable
12:06 [Xen-changelog] Put back the arg_check calls removed recently -- they aren't as useless as I Xen patchbot -unstable
12:06 [Xen-changelog] More removal of BE_DOMAIN flags. Xen patchbot -unstable
12:06 [Xen-changelog] Merged. Xen patchbot -unstable
12:06 [Xen-changelog] Have xenstored initialise its connections, meaning that xend can be out of Xen patchbot -unstable
12:06 [Xen-changelog] Remove useless SIF_XXX_BE_DOMAIN driver flags. Xen patchbot -unstable
12:05 [Xen-changelog] Make the event-channel pending and mask arrays consist of Xen patchbot -unstable
12:05 [Xen-changelog] Merged. Xen patchbot -unstable
12:05 [Xen-changelog] Replace xm vcpu-enable and xm vcpu-disable with one command, xm set-vcpus, Xen patchbot -unstable
12:05 [Xen-changelog] Force RTC driver to fail to load in domU by preventing it Xen patchbot -unstable
October 17, 05
13:50 [Xen-changelog] Added a TRACE log level, for those versions of Python that do not have it, and Xen patchbot -unstable
12:10 [Xen-changelog] Plumb GETVCPUINFO dom0_op through to Python. Remove Xen patchbot -unstable
October 16, 05
17:26 [Xen-changelog] Clean up debug tracing in mm and mm audit code. Xen patchbot -unstable
13:17 [Xen-changelog] Small cleanup in hotplug script. Xen patchbot -unstable
12:13 [Xen-changelog] Fix local_irq_save() and irqs_disabled() to be preemption-safe. Xen patchbot -unstable
12:13 [Xen-changelog] Flush writable pagetable state whenever a domain is Xen patchbot -unstable
12:13 [Xen-changelog] Fix invalidation of shadow LDT on SMP systems. Xen patchbot -unstable
12:13 [Xen-changelog] Remove bogus error message in libxenctrl. Xen patchbot -unstable
12:13 [Xen-changelog] Detect failure to create shutdown process and retry twice Xen patchbot -unstable
October 15, 05
12:48 [Xen-changelog] Use new -t flag on xenstore-rm to keep the store pruned when devices go away. Xen patchbot -unstable
12:48 [Xen-changelog] Fix installation decision to make the DISTDIR and DESTDIR absolute before Xen patchbot -unstable
12:48 [Xen-changelog] Added --tidy flag to xenstore-rm that recursively removes any empty directories Xen patchbot -unstable
12:48 [Xen-changelog] At least for the time being, GETVCPUCONTEXT needs to work Xen patchbot -unstable
12:48 [Xen-changelog] Extend VCPUINFO dom0_op to return status information about Xen patchbot -unstable
12:47 [Xen-changelog] Fix NAT for domU checksum offload. Xen patchbot -unstable
12:47 [Xen-changelog] add BT instruction support to VMX MMIO decoder. Xen patchbot -unstable
12:47 [Xen-changelog] Enable hotplug cpus in -xen x86_32 kernel. Xen patchbot -unstable
12:47 [Xen-changelog] machine_specific_memory_setup() makes the following call to setup e820: Xen patchbot -unstable
October 14, 05
18:27 [Xen-changelog] This should fix time stopped / going slow problems that Xen patchbot -unstable
18:27 [Xen-changelog] In addition to setting opaque handle during domain Xen patchbot -unstable
18:27 [Xen-changelog] Store an opaque handle (tools uuid) in the domain structure Xen patchbot -unstable
01:38 [Xen-changelog] Remove unused x86_64 functions. Xen patchbot -unstable
01:38 [Xen-changelog] Patch for typo causing multiple output in xm list -l, courtesy of Laura Ramirez Xen patchbot -unstable
01:38 [Xen-changelog] Fixed 64 bit Linux build. Xen patchbot -unstable
01:38 [Xen-changelog] Because of a bug with reference counting against the target guest page Xen patchbot -unstable
01:37 [Xen-changelog] Revert accidental commit. Xen patchbot -unstable
01:37 [Xen-changelog] Merged. Xen patchbot -unstable
01:37 [Xen-changelog] Remove the diagnostic/recovery when two domains end up with the same name. It Xen patchbot -unstable
01:37 [Xen-changelog] Cleanup CPU hotplug and save/restore. Next step is to Xen patchbot -unstable
October 13, 05
16:33 [Xen-changelog] Merge. Xen patchbot -unstable
16:33 [Xen-changelog] Fix broken test for zombies. Xen patchbot -unstable
15:25 [Xen-changelog] Fix multi-cpu save/restore after the max_vcpu patch. Xen patchbot -unstable
12:28 [Xen-changelog] Fix client dependency on libxenstore in Makefile. Xen patchbot -unstable
12:28 [Xen-changelog] NS_PER_TICK must be a s64 quantity. It is compared with Xen patchbot -unstable
12:28 [Xen-changelog] Currently, we mark an IO request to STATE_IOREQ_READY state before Xen patchbot -unstable
12:28 [Xen-changelog] Add memory barriers to console ring accesses. Similar to what Xen patchbot -unstable
12:28 [Xen-changelog] Disable watch callbacks only during driver registration instead of all probes. Xen patchbot -unstable
12:28 [Xen-changelog] Disable watch callbacks while running the driver probe callback. Xen patchbot -unstable
12:28 [Xen-changelog] Change xenstore-domain messaging protocol to match what we use Xen patchbot -unstable
12:28 [Xen-changelog] Fix xsls build dependency. Xen patchbot -unstable
12:28 [Xen-changelog] Add a option for enabling ne2000 NIC device model Xen patchbot -unstable
12:27 [Xen-changelog] Refactor domain/vcpu allocation to be more separated. Xen patchbot -unstable
12:27 [Xen-changelog] Keir moved barriers, Xen patchbot -unstable
12:27 [Xen-changelog] Fix error output to stderr in xc_linux_build. Xen patchbot -unstable
12:27 [Xen-changelog] New dom0_op to set max vcpus for a domain. Xen patchbot -unstable
October 12, 05
16:35 [Xen-changelog] Fix 64-bit compile warnings in firmware. Xen patchbot -unstable
12:30 [Xen-changelog] Merged. Xen patchbot -unstable
12:29 [Xen-changelog] Merged. Xen patchbot -unstable
12:29 [Xen-changelog] Make the error reporting back to xm just a little bit less insane, and fix a Xen patchbot -unstable
12:29 [Xen-changelog] Ignore any watches that fire for which we do not have a registration. This can Xen patchbot -unstable
12:29 [Xen-changelog] Don't try and call DevController if we can't destroy a device ourselves, Xen patchbot -unstable
12:29 [Xen-changelog] Improve error message. Xen patchbot -unstable
12:13 [Xen-changelog] merge Xen patchbot -unstable
12:13 [Xen-changelog] Fix firmware build for cross-compilation. Xen patchbot -unstable
11:13 [Xen-changelog] Explicitly state which architectures are going to use /usr/lib64, to allow for Xen patchbot -unstable
11:13 [Xen-changelog] Fix the handling of EAGAIN from the transaction_end; we were failing to do any Xen patchbot -unstable
10:59 [Xen-changelog] Added missing __init__.py. Xen patchbot -unstable
10:59 [Xen-changelog] Fix vcpu-hotplug xenbus watch handler and setup. Xen patchbot -unstable
10:13 [Xen-changelog] Better cast for ptr->int in residerfs module. Xen patchbot -unstable
10:13 [Xen-changelog] Fix Xen public interfaces and the tools to consistently Xen patchbot -unstable
09:13 [Xen-changelog] Fix deadlock in XendDomainInfo when a domain is cleaned up. We are renaming Xen patchbot -unstable
09:13 [Xen-changelog] Change import that was confusing pylint (this is a pylint bug, I think). Xen patchbot -unstable
09:13 [Xen-changelog] Issue diagnostics if xm is being run as a non-root user. This used to happen, Xen patchbot -unstable
08:43 [Xen-changelog] Fix PAE overflow in xc_linux_build. Xen patchbot -unstable
08:43 [Xen-changelog] Fix compilation problems with xenstore. Xen patchbot -unstable
08:43 [Xen-changelog] This patch implements select() functionality on /dev/vtpm and fixes some Xen patchbot -unstable
08:38 [Xen-changelog] The NAT scripts currently work, but the changes below decrease user Xen patchbot -unstable
08:38 [Xen-changelog] Update ia64 to keep up with core changes Xen patchbot -unstable
08:37 [Xen-changelog] Hide the VMX cpu feature from unmodified Guests. Xen patchbot -unstable
08:37 [Xen-changelog] Still more updating ia64 to xen-unstable Xen patchbot -unstable
08:37 [Xen-changelog] Merged Xen patchbot -unstable
08:37 [Xen-changelog] More updating ia64 to latest xen-unstable Xen patchbot -unstable
08:36 [Xen-changelog] Fixes for correct itir handling in vcpu_translate (broke simulator) Xen patchbot -unstable
08:36 [Xen-changelog] Error print on err path. Xen patchbot -unstable
08:36 [Xen-changelog] Add support for fast mov_to_kr privops Xen patchbot -unstable
08:36 [Xen-changelog] Merge Xen patchbot -unstable
08:36 [Xen-changelog] Convert a few privops to existing hyperprivops in xenlinux Xen patchbot -unstable
08:36 [Xen-changelog] Reset hypercall_continuation flag (by Tristan Gingold) Xen patchbot -unstable
08:35 [Xen-changelog] Merge xen-unstable into xen-ia64-unstable Xen patchbot -unstable
08:35 [Xen-changelog] Keep up with recent changes in xen-unstable Xen patchbot -unstable
08:35 [Xen-changelog] Fix incorrect re-enablement of interrupts (found by Tristan Gingold) Xen patchbot -unstable
08:35 [Xen-changelog] Some cleanup of reflection code Xen patchbot -unstable
08:35 [Xen-changelog] Newer compilers don't allow strings to cross newlines? Xen patchbot -unstable
08:35 [Xen-changelog] Merge Xen patchbot -unstable
08:32 [Xen-changelog] Minor code restructure in vcpu_translate (prep for more later) Xen patchbot -unstable
October 11, 05
14:29 [Xen-changelog] Merged. Xen patchbot -unstable
14:29 [Xen-changelog] Bring out the common console-handling code from main.py and create.py. Xen patchbot -unstable
14:29 [Xen-changelog] Added auxbin module, for handling auxillary binaries. Xen patchbot -unstable
14:29 [Xen-changelog] Remove bang path. Xen patchbot -unstable
14:29 [Xen-changelog] Allow parallel 32- and 64-bit Xen installations. Move xc_save, xc_restore, Xen patchbot -unstable
13:29 [Xen-changelog] Added xsls to xenstore Makefile install dependencies to fix "make dist". Xen patchbot -unstable
13:13 [Xen-changelog] Publish the virtual console interface in public/io/console.h. Xen patchbot -unstable
12:13 [Xen-changelog] Xenstore client library spawns a reader thread the first Xen patchbot -unstable
11:43 [Xen-changelog] Echo request and transaction identifiers in xenstored Xen patchbot -unstable
10:59 [Xen-changelog] Fix xenbus internal join() function to be concurrency safe Xen patchbot -unstable
09:43 [Xen-changelog] Added missing global statement, to ensure that the logfilename variable is Xen patchbot -unstable
09:43 [Xen-changelog] Fix broken xm commands. Xen patchbot -unstable
09:29 [Xen-changelog] Added doccomment. Xen patchbot -unstable
09:29 [Xen-changelog] Added xsls utility, which recursively lists the contents of the store. Xen patchbot -unstable
09:13 [Xen-changelog] Fix 64-bit compile of pygrub. From Charles Duffy. Xen patchbot -unstable
09:13 [Xen-changelog] Fix the legacy %-build targets for dist installation of Xen patchbot -unstable
October 10, 05
23:13 [Xen-changelog] Fix for "unsubscriptable object" error, courtesy of Kurt Garloff Xen patchbot -unstable
20:43 [Xen-changelog] Fix changeset banner for source tarballs. Xen patchbot -unstable
20:13 [Xen-changelog] Local repo version number in Xen boot log. Xen patchbot -unstable
19:59 [Xen-changelog] Kernel makefiles do not define $(LN). Xen patchbot -unstable
18:13 [Xen-changelog] This patch fixes an error in the xm create path when the Xen patchbot -unstable
18:13 [Xen-changelog] When a domain is introduced to xenstored, check whether this has already Xen patchbot -unstable
18:13 [Xen-changelog] Mention -s option in usage. Xen patchbot -unstable
17:59 [Xen-changelog] Fix completely broken xenstore_read function. Xen patchbot -unstable
17:29 [Xen-changelog] Fix cancellation of pending watch events on watch unregistration. Xen patchbot -unstable
15:59 [Xen-changelog] Fire watch callbacks on their own workqueue. Mainly this is Xen patchbot -unstable
15:29 [Xen-changelog] Merged. Xen patchbot -unstable
15:29 [Xen-changelog] Rewritten XendLogging to not be a singleton class, and not have methods used Xen patchbot -unstable
14:43 [Xen-changelog] xenstored now supports multiple concurrent transactions per Xen patchbot -unstable
13:59 [Xen-changelog] Merged. Xen patchbot -unstable
13:59 [Xen-changelog] Added error logging to the block hotplug script, and support facilities for Xen patchbot -unstable
10:43 [Xen-changelog] No need to gate xenstored reading requests from a Xen patchbot -unstable
October 09, 05
22:59 [Xen-changelog] Simplify reply logic in xenstored. Maintain a linked list Xen patchbot -unstable
20:29 [Xen-changelog] Extend xenbus/xenstore client interface to include a transaction Xen patchbot -unstable
19:59 [Xen-changelog] Added some clarifying comments regarding xenbus/xenstore kernel startup. Xen patchbot -unstable
17:59 [Xen-changelog] Refactor xenbus to break up the xenbus_lock and permit watches Xen patchbot -unstable
16:43 [Xen-changelog] Don't increment mi->usage is alloc_major_info return NULL Xen patchbot -unstable
15:43 [Xen-changelog] Fix cpu hotplug issue with SMP guests (including save/restore). Xen patchbot -unstable
11:29 [Xen-changelog] Alter logging statements to move the interpolation inside the logging function, Xen patchbot -unstable
11:29 [Xen-changelog] Remove unnecessary extraction of ssidref from config inside restore -- this Xen patchbot -unstable
11:13 [Xen-changelog] /home/emellor/log2 Xen patchbot -unstable
11:13 [Xen-changelog] Remove cruft. Xen patchbot -unstable
11:13 [Xen-changelog] Remove code seeding RNG from /dev/urandom. The random module's default RNG is Xen patchbot -unstable
10:59 [Xen-changelog] Append a newline to error messages, so that they are parsed by XendCheckpoint.py Xen patchbot -unstable
10:59 [Xen-changelog] Change xenbus callbacks to match new signature of xenbus_watch. Xen patchbot -unstable
October 08, 05
18:29 [Xen-changelog] Make libxenstore thread-safe. It also spawns an internal Xen patchbot -unstable
09:29 [Xen-changelog] Fix locking in /dev/xen/evtchn ioctl. Xen patchbot -unstable
08:59 [Xen-changelog] Add one more parameter to __vmread_vcpu and clean some code. Xen patchbot -unstable
08:59 [Xen-changelog] Add a bzImage target for xen kernels for consistency with Xen patchbot -unstable
08:59 [Xen-changelog] Xen-friendly glibc selection: appropriate ld-linux can parse Xen patchbot -unstable
October 07, 05
22:43 [Xen-changelog] Remove linux-2.4 sparse tree. Xen patchbot -unstable
22:29 [Xen-changelog] Some cleanup in TPM-related files and implementation of functionality that Xen patchbot -unstable
22:29 [Xen-changelog] Re-enable the pygrub build and fix the build with older Xen patchbot -unstable
22:29 [Xen-changelog] Move mmio operation structure from domain to vcpu. Xen patchbot -unstable
15:59 [Xen-changelog] Rationalise xenstore header files a little. xenstored.h, Xen patchbot -unstable
15:59 [Xen-changelog] Update kernel watch API to pass the array of watch arguments to the callback Xen patchbot -unstable
15:59 [Xen-changelog] Change xs_read_watch interface to return a sized array (in userspace and in Xen patchbot -unstable
14:59 [Xen-changelog] Clean up file vmx.c: Xen patchbot -unstable
13:59 [Xen-changelog] Add installation of the udev rules if appropriate. With a normal 'make Xen patchbot -unstable
12:43 [Xen-changelog] Merged. Xen patchbot -unstable
12:43 [Xen-changelog] Regig the construction of new domains so that restore and create can share the Xen patchbot -unstable
12:13 [Xen-changelog] Add udev rules that map similar to the hotplug agent. Based off of what Xen patchbot -unstable
12:13 [Xen-changelog] Move the block-phy and block-file handling into a common Xen patchbot -unstable
12:13 [Xen-changelog] The hotplug agent sets the path now, but that's not as practical to do Xen patchbot -unstable
10:59 [Xen-changelog] Remove bind_evtchn_to_irq/unbind_evtchn_from_irq from the Xen patchbot -unstable
10:29 [Xen-changelog] The attached fixes a few things to make the blkfront and netfront Xen patchbot -unstable
10:14 [Xen-changelog] merge. Xen patchbot -unstable
10:13 [Xen-changelog] This patch copies the NAT scripts in tools/examples/ to Xen patchbot -unstable
10:13 [Xen-changelog] Merge. Xen patchbot -unstable
10:13 [Xen-changelog] Merge. Xen patchbot -unstable
10:13 [Xen-changelog] Rename the source domain on migration, regardless of the live flag. This fixes Xen patchbot -unstable
10:13 [Xen-changelog] Move construct_vmcs to arch_vmx_do_launch. Xen patchbot -unstable
09:59 [Xen-changelog] Big simplification of the Xen event-channel interface. Xen patchbot -unstable
08:59 [Xen-changelog] Fix conflicting merge. Xen patchbot -unstable
October 06, 05
21:23 [Xen-changelog] Merged. Xen patchbot -unstable
21:23 [Xen-changelog] Remove xm commands block-refresh and vbd-refresh, as these are unsupported. Xen patchbot -unstable
16:13 [Xen-changelog] User tools send evtchn notifications via /dev/xen/evtchn Xen patchbot -unstable
15:13 [Xen-changelog] Change how event channels are allocated and used by the control Xen patchbot -unstable
14:13 [Xen-changelog] Added Zope's test.py, and a unit test to sxp. This test itself isn't very Xen patchbot -unstable
10:14 [Xen-changelog] Merged. Xen patchbot -unstable
10:14 [Xen-changelog] Allow shutdown code SHUTDOWN_HALT, which we handle here in exactly the same Xen patchbot -unstable
10:13 [Xen-changelog] Rename all dying domains to be prefixed with Zombie. This allows a new domain Xen patchbot -unstable
10:13 [Xen-changelog] Reduce the log level for the 'cannot recreate information for dying domain' Xen patchbot -unstable
10:13 [Xen-changelog] Issue diagnostic if we find dying domains on Xend restart, because we will not Xen patchbot -unstable
10:13 [Xen-changelog] Raise an exception if an error appears on the pipes to our children, and make Xen patchbot -unstable
09:43 [Xen-changelog] Ensure that all fields of evtchn_op_t are initialised when Xen patchbot -unstable
October 05, 05
23:29 [Xen-changelog] mixup in vcpu-enable and vcpu-disable help string Xen patchbot -unstable
22:59 [Xen-changelog] Reformat the pfn_info structure to ensure that Xen patchbot -unstable
22:13 [Xen-changelog] Activate suspending/resuming of the TPM interface and add Xen patchbot -unstable
18:30 [Xen-changelog] Gentoo compatible stuff has to be done *before* the set -e. You could also do Xen patchbot -unstable
18:13 [Xen-changelog] EVTCHNOP_alloc_unbound can allocate a port in an arbitrary Xen patchbot -unstable
17:13 [Xen-changelog] Fix the handling of VCPUs, specifically wrt the broken VCPU hotplugging, bug Xen patchbot -unstable
17:13 [Xen-changelog] Change boolean config option parsing to allow True and Y and similar useful Xen patchbot -unstable
16:13 [Xen-changelog] Fix save/restore -- too much work being done in Xen patchbot -unstable
15:59 [Xen-changelog] Emulate guest reads of CR4, masking features that Xen Xen patchbot -unstable
15:43 [Xen-changelog] Send event-channel notification from console daemon Xen patchbot -unstable
14:13 [Xen-changelog] Revert changes checked in by mistake in previous changeset. Xen patchbot -unstable
14:13 [Xen-changelog] Clean up DESTDIR handling. Default install is to root Xen patchbot -unstable
13:43 [Xen-changelog] Merge (with trepidation). Xen patchbot -unstable
13:43 [Xen-changelog] Recover from name uniqueness violation by renaming. Fixes bug #277. Xen patchbot -unstable
13:13 [Xen-changelog] Add Gentoo handling to network-bridge. Based on patches Xen patchbot -unstable
13:13 [Xen-changelog] Handle the case where there are no spaces or parameters Xen patchbot -unstable
13:13 [Xen-changelog] Fix DOM0_PHYSINFO to return correct value for total Xen patchbot -unstable
12:59 [Xen-changelog] Currently, the scripts in /etc/xen/scripts won't get overwritten if they Xen patchbot -unstable
12:59 [Xen-changelog] The attached patch places an updated TPM driver into the sparse directory. Xen patchbot -unstable
12:43 [Xen-changelog] Restructure the makefiles used to drive builds of linux 2.6 kernels. Xen patchbot -unstable
12:43 [Xen-changelog] Move setting of configuration variables to Config.mk. Xen patchbot -unstable
10:43 [Xen-changelog] Removed the EventServer, replacing the events fired with simple logging Xen patchbot -unstable
October 04, 05
23:13 [Xen-changelog] imported patch /home/emellor/block_detach.patch Xen patchbot -unstable
23:13 [Xen-changelog] Explicitly close files on save and restore. Rename all local variables named id or slice so as not to clash with the builtins. Xen patchbot -unstable
23:13 [Xen-changelog] Explicitly close files. Xen patchbot -unstable
17:29 [Xen-changelog] Clean up domains if creation/restoration fails. Xen patchbot -unstable
16:59 [Xen-changelog] Fix typo. Xen patchbot -unstable
16:59 [Xen-changelog] Merge the child-process handling of the save and restore functions into one Xen patchbot -unstable
15:43 [Xen-changelog] Removed unused xen_domain method, and unused imports. Comment those methods Xen patchbot -unstable
15:43 [Xen-changelog] Fix call to state_set inside preserve (was erroneously calling set_state). Xen patchbot -unstable
14:59 [Xen-changelog] Fix xm restore broken by missing return statement. Xen patchbot -unstable
14:43 [Xen-changelog] Clean up sched_op() hypercall interface. One particular Xen patchbot -unstable
14:14 [Xen-changelog] Allow EVTCHNOP_bind_{ipi, virq} to specify the vcpu to Xen patchbot -unstable
14:14 [Xen-changelog] Rename VCPUOP_craete to VCPUOP_initialise. It is likely that Xen patchbot -unstable
14:14 [Xen-changelog] Fix tools to pull public header files from standard Xen patchbot -unstable
13:58 [Xen-changelog] Merge to restore reverted changes. Xen patchbot -unstable
13:58 [Xen-changelog] Throw away bogus merge. Xen patchbot -unstable
13:58 [Xen-changelog] Merge. Xen patchbot -unstable
10:44 [Xen-changelog] Catch xen.xend.XendProtocol.XendError as well as xen.xend.XendError.XendError. Xen patchbot -unstable
10:44 [Xen-changelog] Merged. Xen patchbot -unstable
10:44 [Xen-changelog] Merged. Xen patchbot -unstable
10:44 [Xen-changelog] Merged. Xen patchbot -unstable
10:44 [Xen-changelog] Merged. Xen patchbot -unstable
10:44 [Xen-changelog] Merged. Xen patchbot -unstable
10:44 [Xen-changelog] Merged. Xen patchbot -unstable
10:44 [Xen-changelog] Merged. Xen patchbot -unstable
10:44 [Xen-changelog] Merged. Xen patchbot -unstable
10:44 [Xen-changelog] Merged. Xen patchbot -unstable
10:44 [Xen-changelog] Merged. Xen patchbot -unstable
10:44 [Xen-changelog] Fix debugging statement that was referring to non-existent field. Xen patchbot -unstable
10:43 [Xen-changelog] Added some DPRINTK statements, for debugging. Xen patchbot -unstable
10:43 [Xen-changelog] Cope with missing configuration information inside the configuration method. Xen patchbot -unstable
10:43 [Xen-changelog] Remove the reason code from the destroy action -- the reason is only of value Xen patchbot -unstable
10:43 [Xen-changelog] Move the import for XendError, and use a bare import, not a from...import. Xen patchbot -unstable
10:13 [Xen-changelog] Merged. Xen patchbot -unstable
10:13 [Xen-changelog] Fix localhost live migration. We were overvigorously wiping out the store Xen patchbot -unstable
10:13 [Xen-changelog] Use the domain ID to refer to backends, not the UUID. This means that a new Xen patchbot -unstable
08:29 [Xen-changelog] Export some more symbols. Xen patchbot -unstable
01:30 [Xen-changelog] Cope with missing configuration information inside the configuration method. Xen patchbot -unstable
01:29 [Xen-changelog] Move the import for XendError, and use a bare import, not a from...import. Xen patchbot -unstable
01:29 [Xen-changelog] Move XendDomainInfo.{create, recreate, parseConfig} to the top level of the Xen patchbot -unstable
01:29 [Xen-changelog] Remove the reason code from the destroy action -- the reason is only of value Xen patchbot -unstable
01:29 [Xen-changelog] Remove the reason code from the destroy action -- the reason is only of value Xen patchbot -unstable
October 03, 05
23:43 [Xen-changelog] Remove the reason parameter from XendDomain.destroy -- it is useless. Accept Xen patchbot -unstable
23:43 [Xen-changelog] Added method XendDomain.privilegedDomain and use that inside DevController to Xen patchbot -unstable
22:29 [Xen-changelog] Possible fix for the SEDF scheduler assertion problem. Xen patchbot -unstable
18:13 [Xen-changelog] Create new vcpu_op() hypercall. Replaces old boot_vcpu() Xen patchbot -unstable
16:03 [Xen-devel] Re: [Xen-changelog] remove useless ptep_establish_new function (called set_pte_at now) Andrei Petrov
14:13 [Xen-changelog] Allow adjustment of the size of TPM transfer buffers Xen patchbot -unstable
14:13 [Xen-changelog] x86/64 was using the plain i386 version of the microcode Xen patchbot -unstable
14:13 [Xen-changelog] Do not pickle vcpu state on save/restore. We can construct Xen patchbot -unstable
09:29 [Xen-changelog] Dynamically allocate mmu_update array in Xen patchbot -unstable
October 02, 05
22:59 [Xen-changelog] The stopgap in changeset 7152:a73ab0ddf990 was broken -- revert the change to Xen patchbot -unstable
21:59 [Xen-changelog] remove useless ptep_establish_new function (called set_pte_at now) Xen patchbot -unstable
17:29 [Xen-changelog] Merged. Xen patchbot -unstable
17:29 [Xen-changelog] Move XendVnet from using DBMap etc to using xstransact. This is the last Xen patchbot -unstable
17:29 [Xen-changelog] Call refresh in the domain_lookup and domain_lookup_by_name methods. This Xen patchbot -unstable
17:29 [Xen-changelog] Fix call to XendCheckpoint.restore, since that method no longer needs a Xen patchbot -unstable

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