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[Xen-changelog] [xen stable-4.3] Nested VMX: Setup the virtual NMI exiting info

commit aa00104a494bd3ccbae60f49bf0287a5c2c06e9d
Author:     Yang Zhang <yang.z.zhang@xxxxxxxxx>
AuthorDate: Fri Jan 10 11:09:28 2014 +0100
Commit:     Jan Beulich <jbeulich@xxxxxxxx>
CommitDate: Fri Jan 10 11:09:28 2014 +0100

    Nested VMX: Setup the virtual NMI exiting info
    When inject a virtual nmi exit to L1, hypervisor need to set the
    virtual vmcs with right vaule which is missing in current Xen.
    Signed-off-by: Yang Zhang <yang.z.zhang@xxxxxxxxx>
    Acked-by: Eddie Dong <eddie.dong@xxxxxxxxx>
    master commit: 136058cc5ce4f1e630d5bac199304fdc9429faa3
    master date: 2013-12-20 11:57:14 +0100
 xen/arch/x86/hvm/vmx/vvmx.c |    6 ++++++
 1 files changed, 6 insertions(+), 0 deletions(-)

diff --git a/xen/arch/x86/hvm/vmx/vvmx.c b/xen/arch/x86/hvm/vmx/vvmx.c
index fd841ae..aad108c 100644
--- a/xen/arch/x86/hvm/vmx/vvmx.c
+++ b/xen/arch/x86/hvm/vmx/vvmx.c
@@ -1294,6 +1294,12 @@ static void sync_exception_state(struct vcpu *v)
     case X86_EVENTTYPE_NMI:
+        __set_vvmcs(nvcpu->nv_vvmcx, VM_EXIT_REASON,
+                    EXIT_REASON_EXCEPTION_NMI);
+        __set_vvmcs(nvcpu->nv_vvmcx, EXIT_QUALIFICATION, 0);
+        __set_vvmcs(nvcpu->nv_vvmcx, VM_EXIT_INTR_INFO,
+                    nvmx->intr.intr_info);
+        break;
         gdprintk(XENLOG_ERR, "Exception state %lx not handled\n",
generated by git-patchbot for /home/xen/git/xen.git#stable-4.3

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