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[xen master] tools/go: honor append build flags

commit a89bcd9737757e4d671783588a6041a84a5e1754
Author:     Roger Pau Monne <roger.pau@xxxxxxxxxx>
AuthorDate: Wed Jul 7 09:15:31 2021 +0200
Commit:     Ian Jackson <iwj@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
CommitDate: Mon Sep 13 13:38:36 2021 +0100

    tools/go: honor append build flags
    Make the go build use APPEND_{C/LD}FLAGS when necessary, just like
    other parts of the build.
    Reported-by: Ting-Wei Lan <lantw44@xxxxxxxxx>
    Signed-off-by: Roger Pau Monné <roger.pau@xxxxxxxxxx>
    Acked-by: Nick Rosbrook <rosbrookn@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
    Acked-by: Ian Jackson <iwj@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
 tools/golang/xenlight/Makefile | 2 +-
 1 file changed, 1 insertion(+), 1 deletion(-)

diff --git a/tools/golang/xenlight/Makefile b/tools/golang/xenlight/Makefile
index e394ef9b2b..64671f246c 100644
--- a/tools/golang/xenlight/Makefile
+++ b/tools/golang/xenlight/Makefile
@@ -27,7 +27,7 @@ GOXL_GEN_FILES = types.gen.go helpers.gen.go
 # so that it can find the actual library.
 .PHONY: build
 build: xenlight.go $(GOXL_GEN_FILES)
-       CGO_CFLAGS="$(CFLAGS_libxenlight) $(CFLAGS_libxentoollog)" 
CGO_LDFLAGS="$(LDLIBS_libxenlight) $(LDLIBS_libxentoollog) -L$(XEN_libxenlight) 
-L$(XEN_libxentoollog)" $(GO) build -x
+       CGO_CFLAGS="$(CFLAGS_libxenlight) $(CFLAGS_libxentoollog) 
$(APPEND_CFLAGS)" CGO_LDFLAGS="$(LDLIBS_libxenlight) $(LDLIBS_libxentoollog) 
-L$(XEN_libxenlight) -L$(XEN_libxentoollog) $(APPEND_LDFLAGS)" $(GO) build -x
 .PHONY: install
 install: build
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