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[Xen-users] Ping,arp,UDP OK, TCP not OK, help?

hello all :)
Please forgive my poor English.

I've setup a dom0(debian sarge) and a guest debian sarge.
I set the network-script to "network-route" and vif-script to 
The dom0's ip is and the guest's ip is
Ive recompiled the dom0's kernel to support my hardware, the guest's 
kernel is using default .config
Xen 2.0.4, 2.0.5x 2.0-testing have the same problem. 

Both can ping and arp each other, and can connect with UDP.
However TCP connections are not working in both side.

The opened TCP ports can be connected from localhost. (so the server is 
Then I do a tcpdump and netcat, here are the results:
When I connect to guest from dom0, tcpdump(on guest) shows the guest 
reveive the packet, but didn't reply

When i connect to dom0 from guest, tcpdump(on dom0) shows the dom0 
receive the packet(seq), and send a repliy(seq/ack),
the guest's tcpdump shows it send the packet, and receive the dom0's 
reply, however, nothing is going on.

Finally, the error "timeout" is rised.

So, any hints, comment?
Thanks in advanced.

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