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Re: [Xen-users] thread-safe Xend and xm commands?

Ian Pratt wrote:
Are xend and xm commands thread-safe?

Eg: Can two threads call same xm command simultaneously without causing problems?

Good question. I think xend tries to serializes requests, but I doubt
this has been tested much. Mike Wray can probably give a definitive

Xend itself is single-threaded - so it can only do one command at a time.
Some commands result in long-lived actions so there is potential for
conflict, but the obvious ones are OK as far as I know.

For example, you can tell a domain to reboot and then shut it down without
reboot or destroy it while the reboot is in progress. Xend will then
cancel the reboot.

Did you have any specific xm commands you were wondering about?

Its certainly something that has been thought about for the design of
the new tools.



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