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[Xen-users] Failure to reboot

using xen 2.0.5

kernel 2.6.10

Now, it matters little weather I make modifications to the kernel or use
the 2.0.5 kernel compile as stock.  

Everything works fine when the pc is running, there seem to be no issues

However, when I go to reboot, it fails to do so unless I've made a
change to the partition table.  I don't understand why this is, but I
thought I'd mention it.

The system in use is gentoo
runnig on asus mainboard, intel 875 chipset, 2g ram, 4 sata harddrive, 1
pata drive. etc.  Nothing unusual here.  All hardware supported.

any ideas?

Jack Downes <jack@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Chain Reaction Web

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