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Re: [Xen-users] filesystem image of Fedora Core for Xen? / Others VM

> I can contribute a CentOS3.4 image and FC4t1 (domU?) basically a rootfs
> "core" install with network, openssh, yum, wget and httpd. I'll get them
> uploaded tomorrow. 2GB compresses to around 81MB (.bz2). Is there a
> preferred "image" configuration? All I've added is a basic /etc/fstab,
> and the RH networking scripts to get started, but they work and I'm
> using them.

That'd be great!  One of the guys on this list may be able to provide hosting 
- it'd be good to have all the images on one site, I guess.

If a domain is configured to work "out of the box" in terms of fstab settings, 
as you have done then it's even better!

Regarding network settings to use, etc...  not sure what's best.  I guess not 
hard-coding network settings might be useful, allowing users to start off by 
setting these options in the domain configuration file.

> I noticed the UML community provide disc images on their site. I was
> hoping to "borrow" one to get started with Xen but the OS versions seem
> a little out of date now.

I had the same thought :-)  I guess maybe they haven't been updated for a 
while.  You may find something useful in the community images on the Bochs 
(http://bochs.sf.net) website, although they were a little out of date last 
time I checked.  The QEmu-oriented FreeOSZoo (http://www.freeoszoo.com) 
provides a range of more up-to-date images.


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