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[Xen-fr] RE: [Xen-users] Badness in local_bh_enable

Le mardi 05 avril 2005 à 12:42 +0100, Ian Pratt a écrit :

> It's possible that the out-of-tree modules you are building are not 
> respecting the ARCH=xen target.
> I'll bet if you run them through objdump -d you'll find 'cli' instructions.

i dont have any out-of-tree modules.

investigating further, i found ou the following:
being a router, the domainU that is the causes for the error logging has
got 2 nic declaration in it config file ( vif declaration ).

out of curiosity, i removed one of the vif declaration and booted the

that apparently solved the error/log problem.

but since i removed one of the nic declaration, how come i still got 2
nic showing in this domainU ????

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