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[Xen-users] Re: Xen-users Digest, Vol 2, Issue 22

> I would like to remaster the xen demo cd.  Has anyone done this, or
> have any pointers before I dive in?

The script I use to build the ISO is on the CD, as /sbin/build_cd.sh.  
One way of doing it would be:

 -- boot the demo CD
 -- copy the Debian filesystem into a free partition
 -- make a directory /OTHER_ROOTS on your copy of the debian image and
    copy freebsd.fs and netbsd.fs from the CD onto it. 
 -- chroot into your copy of the debian image and make whatever changes
    you'd like.
 -- mount another free partition under /mnt
 -- run the build_cd.sh script, which should build /mnt/xendemo.iso 

If you're only making small changes to the CD (i.e. small enough that
domain 0 won't run out of ramdisk trying to store them), you should be
able to make them on a running CD image, then mount an empty partition
under /mnt and run build_cd.sh without making a copy of the filesystems
first.  I haven't tested that, though.

Out of interest, what changes were you planning to make?


Tim Deegan                           (My opinions, not the University's)
Systems Research Group
University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory

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