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Re: [Xen-users] xen, booting up issue

On Thu, 7 Apr 2005, Shahzad Chohan wrote:

Hi Robin,

Thats a great idea, perhaps I'll try that way. I'll give a go and let you know.


BTW: when using sda1 in the xen config, what would happen if I did have a mount on a existing partition called /dev/sda1, and why is sda chosen to be in the config? If you have time I'd love to know how these things work, and is there a document you know of the explains the inner workings of xen.

When you have for example


the file:/root/fedora.img  refers to a real file (or device on dom0)
the sda1 however, refers to a VIRTUAL device /dev/sda1 that exists only inside the domU virtual machine.

It means make /root/fedora.img visible inside the domU virtual machine _as_ /dev/sda1. It has _nothing_ to do with the real partition /dev/sda1 on the real machine! They are two completely separate devices, one virtual
and one real.

Of course, you can still map the virtual /dev/sda1 onto the real /dev/sda1 so that they _refer_ to effectively the same device, which is what my example in my previous email does, but with
/dev/hda5 instead of /dev/sda1:

Robin Green wrote:
> hmmmm bit lost what to do now. I could try to reinstall , but I'm thinking
 > how you have gone about an install.

What I did is installed another copy of fedora on a spare partition in
the normal way, from a DVD, then booted that inside Xen *after* I'd
installed it. You just use


for the disk in the configuration file (assuming that hda5 is where you
installed the new copy of fedora).

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