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[Xen-users] compile error on kernel 2.4.29-xenU


when I try to compile a custom kernel 2.4.29 with option "Device driver
domain" enabled, I get following error during "make ARCH=xen":

arch/xen/drivers/blkif/drv.o(.text+0x35e0): In function `blkif_connect':
: undefined reference to `direct_remap_area_pages'
arch/xen/drivers/netif/drv.o(.text+0x1a95): In function `netif_connect':
: undefined reference to `direct_remap_area_pages'
arch/xen/drivers/netif/drv.o(.text+0x1ad4): In function `netif_connect':
: undefined reference to `direct_remap_area_pages'

When I disable the option compiling finishes without any problem.

My domain0 kernel is version 2.6.11, other domains run with 2.6.11-xenU
without any privileged access. Current Xen version used is
xen-2.0-testing. Same error occured with xen-2.0.5-stable. Didn't test
with xen-unstable right now.

Anyone got a hint what the problem might be?

Thanks in advance,


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