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Re: [Xen-users] xen guidelines

> > Is there a guideline for memory? dom0 not less than ??, dom1...domn < ??
> It depen of you differents VM and the memory avalaible

Dom0 needs to be large enough to run the various tools effectively.  There 
also needs to be enough memory to accommodate various driver usages (such as 
LVM snapshot metadata etc.).

For starters, try 64 meg and see how well it behaves.  You might get away with 
less but YMMV.

For the other domains, you need to allocate them enough memory to efficiently 
run your services.  Ideally, give them about the same memory you would give a 
dedicated machine for this task.

> > vm5 - desktop
> forget it!


You can only really do desktop stuff in dom0, since that's the only one 
that'll be able to drive the graphics card, sound card, etc.  It'd be nice to 
split this out more - it may happen in the future.

Running desktop apps isn't an unreasonable config to use for some deployments 
(although for maximum security, you'd avoid this).  *however* you must bear 
in mind that applications in dom0 are one step closer to compromising other 
VMs.  Therefore, anything you run in dom0 is implicitly more "trusted" the 
software in other VMs.


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