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[Xen-users] NAT and networks of domUs

Hi *,

the pdf on http://www.planet-lab.org/PDN/PDN-02-006/ has a very nice
diagramm on the last page, which seems to describe networking in Xen. 

1.) Can somebody confirm that the above ist true? If yes, I would suggest
adding that diagram to the existing Xen docs.

2.) Has somebody on the list a working configuration with domUs on a private
network, which is/are NATted to the internet via a public IP in dom0? When I
tried to assemble an iptables configuration for this setup, iptables seemed
to not recognize xens vif-interfaces. Which Xen version/flavour is
necessary to get such a setup up and running?

Thx for your input.

There is no safe distance.

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