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Re: [Xen-users] Xen and IP

Am Dienstag, den 12.04.2005, 08:36 -0700 schrieb Nivedita Singhvi:
> Shahzad Chohan wrote:
> > Hi
> > 
> > I've got fedora core 4 running in a domain. I configured the IP, but
> > it didn't seem to work. Basically the fc4 is confiured to use dhcp,
> > but I wrote the ip in teh rawhide config file. Instead of using teh ip
> > from the config file it picked up a dhcp assigned ip. Am I missing
> > something fundamental? Can someone please advise me
> > 
> > My config file is like this: (/etc/xen/rawhide)
> > 
> > kernel ="/boot/vmlinuz-2.6.11-1.1226_FC4xenU"
> > memory = 100
> > name = "rhel-4-ws"
> > nics = 1
> > disk = ['phy:hda7,hda7,w']
> > root = "/dev/hda7 ro"
> > #dhcp = "dhcp"
> > vip = ""
> I wasn't aware vip was a valid parameter?

No, it was "ip": 


But afaik all networking options in the /etc/xen/ config files configure
the virtual 'vif*' interfaces  within dom0 ("host"), _not_ the 'eth0'
interfaces within a domU ("guest")! If you use bridging (is there a
"xen-br0" device in dom0?), you do not need to configure the vif*
devices, omit options like ip/dhcp/netmask.

> You do need to provide a MAC address that the virtual interface
> on domU can use, and the associated bridge interface on dom0).
> e.g.:
> vif= [ 'mac=aa:00:00:00:00:11, bridge=xen-br0' ]
> The easiest way to configure the IP address of the domU
> interface is by editing the normal interface configuration file
> (such as /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0, if the
> device name you want to use is eth0).

Some distro initscripts allow network config via kernel command line
such that you could do that with the "extra=" option, but
RH/FC/CentOS/RawHide do not, so the guest image has to be configured
properly (as Nivedita descibes).

> Make sure you have mounted and are editing the domU
> filesystem :).

... and umount it before "xm create" ;)

> You can, of course, always manually bring up the
> interface once the domain is created.


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