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RE: [Xen-users] Xen-Kernel 2.6.10 and nvidia driver

 > I am trying to use the nvidia driver 7167 in conjunction with 
> the xen kernel 2.6.10. The Nvidia Kernel Module compiles fine 
> but when trying to load it segfaults.
> Does anybody managed to get it working. 
> I have build xen from source and installed it. Works fine. 
> But when running the nvidia installer with /usr/src/linux 
> linked to the appropiate Kernel Source the loading of the 
> build kernel module "nvidia" segfaults

We had to work up a number of patches to get several of the in-kernel
AGP/DRM drivers working. Chances are, similar fixes will be required to
the Nvidia wrapper. You might want to look at agp.patch (in older trees)
and use that as guide for what needs fixing. Once you've got it working,
feed the patches back to Nvidia...

I know Jacob has had some success getting a binary ATI driver working
with a bit of hacking to the wrapper.

Good luck!



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