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[Xen-users] Sane way of setting up a Xen cluster?

Hey all,

I'm looking at experimenting around with Xen and upgrading my colo boxes at the same time. I'd like to end up with a setup with nice quick shared disk access, where I can easily migrate domains around the physical hosts and such. I'd like to get some advice on if my current plan for this makes sense, and anything that could be done to improve it (without excessive expense!).

My current plan:

- Pick up a shared fibre channel array for storage, with a large enough
  switch for all the xen hosts. Export a small lun for each xen host, and
  one large shared lun

- Set up 1U boxes with FC cards, install Domain0 for each host on
  individual LUN's from the FC array

- Use ClusterLVM to carve up the shared disk; each VM session will get a
  logical volume of its own (XFS most likely), plus a few shared logical
  volumes on gfs (for home directories, web data, etc)

- Split VM's across the hosts however makes the most sense based on load.

Does this sound like it will work? I don't have a lot of experience with FC or clvm/gfs yet, which is part of the reason I'd like to do things this way. :)

Also, for the above setup, any votes on if I'd be better off picking up 5 dual-p3 1.13ghz boxes, or 2 dual-xeon 2.8ghz boxes? It'll be about the same cost either way.

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