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Re: [Xen-users] VT/IVT enabled xen version

> Cool. I don't remember seeing that in the road-map page as part of the
> 3.0 new features list...

That list probably needs updating again...

> Do you believe VT will simplify the execution of Windows OS XEN domain?
> I guess that until VT virtualizes the whole platform and not just the
> CPU (which we got with current VT), we will still need xend-Windows
> version.

Yes, it will.  In VT mode, Xen and dom0 co-operate to simulate the rest of the 
devices of the PC platform - that code is in the current unstable tree.  For 
full performance, you'd probably still install versions of the Xen device 
drivers once the domain was up and running, however.

The code in the unstable tree can run an unmodified Linux install in a VT-mode 
virtual machine already.  Further work is required to get Windows booting, 
since (IIRC) it uses a load of 16 bit cruft which is not currently supported.  
I'm not sure that Windows support will be available for 3.0 but it will 
become available eventually.


> Thanks, Arnon.
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> Subject: Re: [Xen-users] VT/IVT enabled xen version
> >Does anyone knows when VT ('Vanderpool Technology' or the new name
> Intel
> >Virtualization Technology) enabled XEN version will be released?
> The unstable tree has supported VT since late 2004; you can use this
> now, or wait for the next major release of Xen (3.0).
> cheers,
> S.
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