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RE: [Xen-users] Problems with domU networking

FWIW, I am experiencing a very similar situation (if not

I am running 2.0.5 binary dist on a completely fresh box.

None of my vifs are "UP" by default.  Running 'ifconfig
vifNUM.NUM up' doesn't solve anything for me.

No firewalling is on.  Netmask and default route are proper.

I have the following:

eth0 in dom0
vif1.0        (aka eth0 in VM1)
vif2.0        (aka eth0 in VM2)
vif3.0        (aka eth0 in VM3)

Everything has a default route of and a route
to through gateway on eth0.

I cannot:

  1.  ping dom0 from any VM
  2.  ping any VM from dom0

I can:

  1.  ping from dom0

>> For some reason they took the 'ifconfig vif<number> up' out
>> of the bridging scripts.
>> Notice how there is no 'UP' in the output:
>I'm confused. The vif-bridge script works fine for me as-is, and should
>be configuring the interface 'up':  "ifconfig ${vif} $OP"
>Are you using an old version of the script?

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